Wednesday, June 07, 2006

what up every one its been a hectic week getting more shooting done to have more films for you sex lovin fans. got some good shots on and off camra lmao was alot of sex goin on i belive i have to be the luckiest guy some times also im gearing up for this pr day parade i hope to see all of use out there .


HeadTurnah said...

I ain't gone swell ya head up cause i'm sure you already know you da shit

I love dat shit wit you and supreme part two
It's the first video i've watched (you know what i mean)

9:21 PM  
antonrose said...

Wow! What are you like the King of Thug Porn!? I just started watching your product and I have to say it is fuckin' amazing. Phat dicks and plumb smooth asses. you got my business for sure.

4:59 PM  

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