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Monday, January 22, 2007

sup every one really not much too talk bout been at home feelin a lil sicky so when i get over this cold and get out ill have more to say so in a day or 2 ok caugh caugh sniffle sniffle lol peace


Anonymous said...

hope u get better soon chulo. =) i got back at u on yahoo.. hit me up again soon cuz i still needa send u some pics... u got myspace?
xxx Ty Parker aka [email protected]

2:06 PM  
Anonymous said...

Tiger, you have to take thera flu, ok I spelled that wrong but the point is that works really good. You should also spend as much time as possbile lying down on your back with your feet in the air...:) Serioulsy it does wonders for me:)


2:33 PM  
Anonymous said...

tiger's myspace is at:

2:44 PM  
Anonymous said...

How's it going Tiger? I am writing to thank you for rescuing Petey! You rock! All the best, Ben in Georgia

8:43 AM  

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