Tuesday, April 28, 2009

yo whats good everyone im glad your all hype bout the new trailer teaser from TD4.
It wont be released till NOV 09 some sceans are being alterd and changed around and some will be add so i understand your eagerness to get this film but like i said before i wont release trash to my fans. so dont worry you have other movies you can choose from to build up that relase point so make sure you go to www.thugmart.com to check out all our movies i will try to release another trailer before NOV


Anonymous MichaelG said...

I can respect wanting to release the best product possible, but making us wait until November to see TED4 seems a little bit excessive. I'll forgive you if you throw in a scene with somebody topping King Dingo as well :). It would be a hot promotional angle to be able to say that both Phat Daddy AND his brother get "taken down" on the same DVD!

7:56 PM  
Blogger Miguel said...

que tal papi

thanks for posting another thugalicious pic...

tigerrr...what ethnicity(s) are you? just curious.

miguel from chicago

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you top the three performers shown n the TED4 picture with you - Brick, Marc Willimas and Phat Daddy then I'm happy to wait to December. If you top any one else its a bonus.

8:46 PM  
Blogger John said...


I've been looking forward to seeing TED 4 ever since you first mentioned it, so I can wait till November to see you release the best finished TED 4 product, that you personally are happy with.

But like other fans, I would be sad if you didn't end up topping Brick as well as Phat Daddy and Marc Williams, as TED 4, would not seem complete if you did not Take Brick down, something that so many would like to see happen.

I fully trust your judgement and want to see you enjoy the very best of success that your hard work deserves. All I ask is that you trust our judgement in requesting you to top Brick.

LOL, Your Fan


9:12 PM  
Anonymous Brandon said...

Please take down Castro aka Supreme again, and make him look like yo bitch again lol. Adding a scene with Lil Nellie & KB would be hot too. I can't wait til this DVD drop me and all the san francisco niggas are gon go crazy haha.

2:02 AM  
Anonymous JEAN GREY said...


11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said some the film is being edited, right. Then you said something is added. If I didn't know any better i think the tease miss something you want to surpise us with. If I am wrong...it's still hott. Better and better. Love ya. All i want to know is cash or credit. Holla Back

1:37 PM  
Blogger David said...

Tiger, sorry if my comments are long but I feel I have to express my views to you as a fan and admirer/owner of your dvd's.

In my opinion TED 1,2 & 3 are excellent and by far the best ethnic gay dvd's on the market.

I don't mind waiting for TED 4, for like a hand made Rolls Royce car, if you want the very best you have to wait so that it can be created to the highest quality.

I was most pleased to see your TED 4 trailer and know that TED 4 is on track to be released in November. Also it is great that you top Phat Daddy as many fans want to see that. Plus I like you topping Marc Williams, even though he is no screen virgin, as I know you are a better top than Marc and will top him extremely well.

Also in seeing the recent trailer I was excited and my expectations were greatly raised, that you will be the first to top Brick on screen in TED4. To be honest I use to be a member of Dawgpound and one of the key reasons I resigned from DP was that I didn't like Brick being constantly pushed as a top on DP members, due to his very unsatisfactory and weak performances as a top. However, Brick bottoming for you in TED 4 would be highly successful and most exciting indeed.

But now I am getting somewhat concerned, as I have just read on 3 separate good Gay blogs from persons in the know, that you only utilize Brick solely as a top in TED 4. If this is the case then I believe it will be very counter productive for TED 4. For not only will you loose a golden opportunity to make TED4 as successful as possible with Brick bottoming at last and the dvd that all fans will want, but sadly some fans, including myself may question buying it. Certainly, irrespective of Brick being a poor top, there is no valid reason for him to appear in that role when the main purpose of a TED dvd is to see Tiger take another top down and Brick as top only will detract from that and devalue TED4.

I don't know if the other blogs are completely wrong on this, or if its all a double tease.

Hopefully, Tiger you will be the first to top Brick on screen and together with your being first to also top Phat Daddy, TED will go on to become the most successful TED ever and your fan base will increase.

My Best Regards


11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I'll wait till Nov and see whats what........... I'm hoping Tiger is gonna add a scene with Double R ( if his free ! ) As fas as Brick is concerned - I'd love to see him getting it from Tiger, but if Brick doesnt want to bottom we can hardly demand it !! personally I reckon he can take it.....I hope Tiger isnt using brick in the way he teased us with Flex uh oh

2:30 PM  
Anonymous MichaelG said...

My only problem with the TED franchise is that every DVD usually only features one, maybe two, scenes where Tiger fucks an actual 100% top who has never before been fucked on video. In TED3, for example, most of the guys being "taken down" (Mr. Saukei, Nubius, Big Smoke, Bronze Star) were versatile performers that had already bottomed on other websites and DVD's. I still bought that DVD because I was dying to see KB finally suck dick and get fucked - because I'd never seen him do either of those things before. He was a masculine, aggressive "top" who was truly being "taken down."

Since we are being asked to wait so long for TED4's release, my hope is that it will finally be a production in which EVERY SCENE stays true to its title's theme and avoid all the "filler" scenes with versatile and bottom boys we've already seen getting fucked a dozen times before.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Brandon said...


If Tiger topped Double R that would be dope. If he topped Thugzilla too thatd be tight too, but I prefer Double R tho..

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Amador said...

Hey Tiger just curious to know if you are on Twitter since there is a profile there with ur name with updates... wanted to check the legitimacy.. BIG FAN HERE =)

thanks ;)

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Double R being taken down be absolutely stupendous, so wish it could happen. But Brick just topping be a disaster movie.

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brick does not bottom in TED4 - confirmed by reliable source....unless ofcourse Tiger has delayed in order to add a scene where Brick bottoms???

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Brandon said...

Tiger can you please do like a Q&A with us. Im a HUGE fan, and theres some questions I wanna ask..

3:52 AM  

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