two tickets 2 paradise

sup every one another week in the bag and im exhausted study
study study fuck fuck fuck and more study lmao but its all good cause im working both heads out lol……..

i need to get out one of these Saturdays and hit up a club just dont know where to go any suggestions lol i know that’s bad when i dont even know where to go………..

tomorrow im supposed to go this orgy party, gonna be like 15 dudes in a penthouse and its by invite only i got an extra ticket any body wanna go with me and show these bois how its done lol or imma just wind up fucking everybody there lol good times i swear…………

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2 Responses to two tickets 2 paradise

  1. Moriah says:

    Wassuo tyson numb 1 supporter here. Still waiting to meet u and get to knw u. I wud just love to go out sumwhere just me and u u kno lol hope to hear from u god bless here my numb just n case 7862743264

  2. johnny says:

    you are so sexy and everytime see your videos i get excited.

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