yo whats good everyone happy late Halloween

I was so busy setting up this trick or treat sex party i forgot to blog about it, any way it was a high sex turn out, there were some really great costumes.
so the party started off a bit slow but boi did it pick up before i knew it there more then a 150 people at the door, we had a 2 floor party going on 2 djs all the lqs you wanted and bins filled with condoms.
so who broke the ice of course i did, i started off with a nice threesome in the middle of the dance floor and before i knew it, it was 6 people then twelve it was banana’s, it was cock and ass every where must have nutted 6 times that nite lmao damn i have to have another party like that.
matter fact i should have filmed it, it would have turned out to be a good movie….
any of you guys having a sex party let me know i will surely be there to spread the love……….

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