sup everyone just want to give you an update on whats been going on. the play based on my life is doing well and getting more talks not to mention more views, matter fact there will be a new show in dc on may 1st, im going to post a link for the venue. also you all got to watch my movies but now there being worked on as short erotica stories so soon you will be able to get my movies on paper back how sweet will that be, im all ways trying to come up with new ways to keep you guys happy and interested.

make sure you check back for links ill have em up soon

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12 Responses to HEY ALL, BIG THINGS TO CUM

  1. shawn woods says:

    I would love for u to come to Little Rock ,Arkansas

  2. Alicia D says:

    Hey I Live in the DC Area 2, I would love to make it and c u inperson but i cant cause of my job. Is there any way I can getta autograph from you please.. I love everything you do and how u do it` ~smiles~ Lol I can pay for shipping n everything it wouldnt matter. I love you since i was a teen if there is another shw i can reach in the future im goin. With Love and All hugs in the World, Your Fan Alicia

  3. Nikki D says:

    Live in There DC Area 2 And I Would love to be at this event on Sunday, but Cant Cause of Work… I Love all that u do and how u do it..~smilez~ I Think youre the sexiest man alive and love those charms since i was a teen. Is there anyway I can receive an Autograph from you>> Hell Ill pay shipping whatever it may be.. Much Support on everythang Sincerely Nikki D

  4. Ar t says:

    it’s May 1st ..you didn’t say were in D C.. I live here and would have like to seeyou in persent..AYWW well next time keep a the post …

  5. charles mclaurin i can't wait pls keep me informed tiger says:

    pls confirm me as a friend as well tiger be blessed bro

  6. Mandre says:

    Are you single?

  7. Ricardo says:

    Hey what ur real name?

  8. Robbie says:

    yo tiger slim thug bottoms for the first time on camera…it’s about time you follow suit ;-) your fans have been waiting. Give us something…you don’t even suck dick no more. your old shit you got into it more…

  9. Daleonne Clark says:

    I would love to meet you in houston, Tx..

  10. Kendrick Wagner says:

    I would love for you to come to dallas texas…i want to give u a try in action

  11. lex holliday says:

    when will you ever be in Dallas, Texas ?

  12. eddward says:

    Tiger, you haven’t written here for about five months. Would it be wonderful for some refreshed words from you and others?

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