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In "The Show, Tiger Tyson, Pt. 2" catch the climatic conclusion to gay porn's greatest reality contest as the remaining eight contestants battle it out for the chance to become the personal companion of the young, strapping and eccentric billionaire Matthias von Fistenberg. Sexually based challenges and eliminations guide the story towards its ultimate conclusion. A winner is chosen in one of the most explosive hardcore sex scenes caught on film inside a 50 room gothic mansion with rich and detailed sets. "The Show Pt. 2" Tiger Tyson features scenes of hardcore man-on-man action in the first high end gay porn ever. Filmed in reality TV format "The Show Pt. 2" combines spontaneous action with a interracial cast: Matthias von Fistenberg, Collin O'Neal, Owen Hawk, Tiger Tyson, Supreme, Mario Cruz, Double R, Camron, Gabriel Sinclair, CJ, T. Malone. The Show is on, Tiger Tyson!

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