Take Em Down 4

Tiger Tyson Take Em Down 4

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  1. To whom it may concern; at Pitbull Productions. Please contact me via e-mail at ([email protected].) or by cell phone at 1-904-485-3091 or by mail at (6455 Argyle Forest Blvd #814 Jacksonville, Florida 32244-6678.) I have been trying for the longest to purchase a DVD that’s on “sale” or not, that’s really good, with Mr. Tyson or Supreme aka Castro in it. Been waiting for a long time to see what the talk about Mr. Tyson in action. From what I see in the still photographs of him, first and foremost, he’s cute and sexy as hell! I also would like, if “at all possible” please, please, please have a signed autograph of him. That would make my year. Always wanted to be with a fine ass latino brotha, if only for 30 some minutes. I’m a bottom person. So if at all please respond as soon as possible. The anticipation is killing me. I would have contacted you through e-mail but I surely don’t have an e-mail address for you, so I hope and pray you receive this elongated note. A true fan forever. Russell

  2. joey says:

    wow ur so fucking hot

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