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Thursday, May 31, 2007

whats good everyone been a couple of days been doing my thang things and times change like the wind wouldnt you agree any how i went shopping the other day ran in to some old friends from back in the days and all i can say is i was like whoa its suprising how most people change over the years i guess me im lucky i dont change much i look the same i did 10 yrs ago only more facehair any how point is take care of your self people theres only one you and never let any one get you down no matter wha cause to live and smile and be healthy is all the goodness there can be in waking up every day oh and a lil exercise does the body good weather its for 15 20 30 minutes a day get up and do something constructive or do some crunches me i do a lil every day all day and i keep it movin i guess thats somewhat the madness to my physicqe hope i spelled that right but you get the point any how love and kisses buh bye now muah


Anonymous said...

who wouldnt want that face?????

rich from philly

(u ever comin down here????)

9:57 PM  

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