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Friday, August 17, 2007


Anonymous said...

Tiger you look so very hot in that shot with Flex. Be great if you go and Top Flex in a dvd scene, now that Double R is unavaialble.

All your many fans looling forward to you Topping a Macho well built Partner

5:35 PM  
Anonymous said...


You are the King Papi and you require the best macho partners to Top in your forthcoming movies.

Flex looks a really great candidate, but you also already have another good macho candidate for you to Top, being your good model "Nubius" who apears in " Take it Like a Man Vol 1"

I hear that Nubius will been seen bottoming for Marc Williams in a DVD to be released later this year, so be good if you Top Nubius really good and release your movie first for all us Tiger Tyson fans.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous said...

Wow Tiger, I've just seen the Poster of your new DVD "Take 'Em Down 3," on your blog Photo's of you with Flex at the recent LA Erotic Expo.

The Poster shows a headline over the portrait of you and Flex of -
stating " Who Tops Who ?"

Are you finally going to to give it up on screen for all us fans ? As that would be wonderful - Wow !!

12:30 AM  

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