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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Anonymous said...

Damn, Papi! You are handsome and hot as ever!

5:50 PM  
blake arrington said...

full of life with a future so bright.........success is waiting for you little vibrant one, a powerful dick like a sawed off shot gun. A personality so exciting ready to take on the world, and a style so unique, rare,like diamonds and spanish black pearls. Irresistibly handsome and skin that glows, vicious eyes that will never grow old. A smile that say's "im up to know good". Today New York City, tomorrow HOLLYWOOD..........wishing you much success lil cuz..... one of your biggest fans....KAOS(MIAMI).

6:20 AM  
Kenn said...

Er, rather intriguing back story your director recounts about the shooting of Paris Is Mine ... wonder how much of it is true?

12:18 PM  
Anonymous said...

Kenn, respectfully, i am assuming you refer to the website:

(i am grabbing this from the director's journal and translating
it the best i can - mille pardons Jean Claude)

" ... when the back story is credited to me, Jean Claude Heriot everything i say or write is always believed without question..."

original french:

(quand l'histoire est attribute a moi, Jean Claude Heriot, il faut accepter tous ce que le homme dire ou ecrire sans question)

pitbull productions staff

2:29 PM  

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