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Friday, June 15, 2007

Read Tiger Tyson by the tail, an in-depth interview with Mo Jaxon


Anonymous said...

As Tiger can longer Top Double R in 2007, with Double R being in Jail, I have put an entry in the Favorite Pornstars Forum, inviting fans to make recommendations as to a suitable replacement to Double R, for Tiger to Top in 2007.

With Tiger's Take'Em Down part 1 & 2 dvd's in 2005 and the dvd "Steel Curtain " in 2006 being so very highly successful, with Tiger topping Supreme and Jason Tiger, it is most important for tiger to choose the right macho replacement to Double R to Top in 2007.

Names like Brick and Berlin from DawgpoundUSA and Rico of Papithugz are mentioned in the Favorite Pornstars entry, as being suitable replacement "Tops" for Tiger to Top in 2007, so have the names of Rambo from Raging Stallion, Adam Dexter from Colt plus Brian Bodine and Marc Williams.

I wish Tiger all the best with finding the the right macho "Top" candidate to Top in 2007, as it will be a most important scene.

12:10 PM  

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