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Love Of The Dick Vol 1 Leave Em Open


Pitbull Productions, Supreme (aka Castro) has a dick as big as any in the business and a hard muscled body to back it up. He's also got a nasty attitude and hips as vicious as a rottweiler in rut. That's why Pitbull Productions, Inc. is so proud to present Supreme in Love of the Dick: Leave Em Open. It features the King of the Meatmen delivering not one but two of the most ferocious fucks of his career.

The subway has Supreme confused. So in Scene 1 he arrives late to the Pitbull office for a shoot. Lazarus chews him out. But as soon as Supreme's pants come down and he sees how the dude's huge business is tenting his shorts, he shuts up, falls to his knees and sucks. But a dick this phenomenal is meant to fuck, so Lazarus is soon on his hands and knees on the table. "Oh shit!" he cries and tries to catch his breath when he gets poked. Soon his ass-chute is getting plugged with inch after inch of manmeat. Once Lazarus is stuffed, Supreme starts pumping. The close camera catches his plunging anaconda in several positions. When the fucking gets fast, so does Lazarus's trash talk. He eggs his fucker on, hisses and blows a load. A man can pay his fucker no greater compliment than that.

In Scene 2 three slender hotties cum together! Pinky has a massage practice, and he must be popular. After he massages Angel, the towels come off so his client can blow him. Enter Peanut Butta, complaining it's time for his massage. Not to worry. Soon Peanut Butta has his mouth full of Angel's dick. The guys on the couch are a tasty tangle of limbs, dick and ass. Pinky spreads Angel out against the back of the couch, pushes his dick between his client's buns and fucks him fierce. Peanut Butta is first to squirt while riding Pinky's big dick and sucking Angel's. Then Pinky and Angel each stroke out a load as they sit on the couch. It's easy to see why Pinky's massage practice has taken off.

With his soul patch, 'do rag and ear stud, T is slender but sly. And so, though Marshawn is beefier, in Scene 3, he's the one that gets fucked. He makes a dive for T's dick and sucks it in, even while the guys are still getting out of their clothes. Once they're naked, T pushes Marshawn back on the bed and fucks his face. Once T's johnson is hard and wet, Marshawn can sink to his face, ass up, so T can take him from behind and fuck furious. T drills his buttboy to the bed and later pins his legs back to his chest so he can pile-drive deeper. When he pulls out, he strokes his dick as his fuckbuddy sucks his nuts. T fingers the ass he's just plundered till he pops.

Rich is a fast talker. But in Scene 4, he puts that mouth to good use only when he gets Supreme's pants down and stuffs it more than full with Supreme's astounding fuckstick. The guys are in the bedroom, which is convenient. They don't have far to move for Supreme to set Rich up on his hands and knees and push as much of his wide-gage love-gun into Rich's tight hole as will fit. It's enough for Supreme to fuck hard, muscles flexed and veins popping as Rich's own fine dick swings to the rhythm. Supreme is always a mean fuck and here he shows no mercy. After he's worked up a sweat, he cums inside Rich's well-stretched hole as Rich strokes his own to a creamy release all over his hard, heaving belly.

In Scene 5, Bandit and Lotus, two big, buff, bare-chested studs, start off by kissing and losing their pants. Bandit must like what he sees. He goes to his knees and sucks Lotus's big dick till it's a whole lot bigger. Lotus has boyish good looks, but that big fat love-club says he's all-man. His big round butt looks tasty, but it's Bandit who bends over to surrender his. Lotus pounds Bandit's ass standing up and, after he spreads a quilt out, slams him into the floor, pulling his new bottom boy's booty back onto his plunging fuck-pole. Later Bandit sits on that tool and rides it. Lotus pulls out and whacks his dick while Bandit, on his knees, waits for what's cumming. After Lotus squirts, Bandit laps at it. It's been so much fun, both guys just have to laugh.

And as a bonus feature, hear what Angel, Pinky and Peanut Butta have to say about sex on and off camera.

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Pitbull Productions

SUPREME (aka Castro)
directed by JALIN FUENTES

available from
Pitbull Productions
PO Box 550244
Waltham, MA 02455

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