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Tiger Tyson

Tiger Tyson Strikes Back


Tiger Tyson - his most awesome film yet... filled with mad fetishes of fucking, starring Tyson at his best, living up to his name the King of his Jungle, with no games in this film. Straight to the point of face fucking, ass pounding and candy licking (Baby) entire bodies until they bust. This Pitbull Production includes Tiger's cape crusader, Jeremy Blast 10.5 inches abnormal large cock knocking the boots off Shawty Black, also The Dicksman who has the key that fits Skyy's clouds of heaven and so many others from the thugporns of!


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Pitbull Productions

Tiger Tyson Strikes Back
Tiger Tyson
The Rock
Jeremy Blast
Shawty Black
The Dicksman
directed by JALIN FUENTES

available from
Pitbull Productions
PO Box 550244
Waltham, MA 02455

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