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Love Of The DickLove Of The Dick, Leave Em Open, Vol. 1
Love Of The Dick, Iron Pipe, Vol. 2
Love Of The Dick, Unleaded, Vol. 3
Love Of The Dick, Classified, Vol. 4

from Pitbull Productions
Directed by Jalin Fuentes
Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thugporn DVD
Language: English

Love Of The Dick, Leave Em Open, Vol 1

Supreme aka Castro, Gangstas Angel, Pinky,
Peanut, Bandit, T, Marshawn

Love Of The Dick, Leave Em Open, Vol 2, Iron Pipe
Supreme aka Castro, Bebe, Jermaine, CJ, Lil Nut, Carmello, Thugzilla,
Redd, Jay Untouchable

Love Of The Dick, Vol 3, Unleaded
Supreme aka Castro, Midnight, Playboi Kid, Troy Penetrator, Venom,
Komplex, J Wheels, Stash, Devon, Finesse

Love Of The Dick, Leave Em Open, Vol 1

Super star, and super sized top, Supreme aka Castro plunders ass in this red-hot sexual free-for-all, Love Of The Dick. No bottom's safe from Supreme's hungry hard-on when he pounds and plugs every tight asshole in sight! Gangstas Angel, Pinky and Peanut coin the phrase 'Philly Tube Steak' in a nasty, cum-filled threesome within sight of the Liberty Bell. Newcomer Bandit tops Lotus after a face-fucking, dick stroking session that will leave you breathless while T and Marshawn enjoy a thug-on-thug ass-plugging orgy. Pitbull Productions's Love of the Dick is filled with excessive cum shots, hardcore fucking, deep throat sucking, and plenty of sweet and sweaty ass munching. So grab your lube, it's time to cum.

Love Of The Dick, Leave Em Open, Vol 2, Iron Pipe

Ready for more freakin' fuck action? Horse-hung Supreme aka Castro is back, with 10 1/2 inches of rock hard dick! Supreme takes down Bebe and Jermaine in a torrid threesome. Still up for more, he then nuts with chocolate thug Carmello. By the time he hits up Jay Untouchable, his iron pipe is so hard it won't go down! Southern thug CJ turns Lil Nut upside down. These "real life" lovers do it all! Big, bad Thugzilla dominates light-skinned Redd, teaching him how to swallow every inch before fucking him in some wild ass positions. Some say it’s the thugporn that are the thrilla’s but others know nothing more supreme than love of the dick.

Love Of The Dick, Vol 3, Unleaded

Supreme and ten of his homeboys get their freak on!

In the third installment of the hugely successful Love of the Dick series, Supreme teaches bad boy Chaos the meaning of dick worship. Then Supreme tangles with Midnight in a sweaty fuckfest that's beyond belief. Still not satisfied, Supreme puts the moves on Playboi Kid, who spit shines Supreme's enormous joint before riding his monster cock.

When their baby mamas kick them out, Troy Penetrator and Venom decide to hook up and share a room. One thing leads to another and soon the two are 69ing, sucking dick and getting down on the down low. Komplex, J Wheels and Stash rock the bed, the floor, the table, the room in a torrid tangle of dicks, balls and butts. Young studs Devon and Finesse play pocket pool, vying with each other to see who can get the biggest hard on. When both spring big boners, there's no point in letting them go to waste!

What The Reviewers Are Saying

... Mark Adams, In Newsweekly

... from Thugporn Platinum comes "Love of the Dick: Leave 'Em Open Volume 1," and while I agree with the first part of the title, I have no idea what the second part means.

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