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All Around Playaz (2004)
from PitbullProductions.com
Length: 1 hrs. 16 mins
Directed by Jalin Fuentes
Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thug porn DVD
Language: English

Featuring Thugporn stars
• Nokk
• Magic
• Breion Diamond
• Prophet of Dallas
• Sonic
• Check
• Li'l Red

Video All Around Playaz Summary

Filmed in Chicago, PitbullProductions.com feature, All Around Playaz has thugporn Nokk, the Windy City’s top pride and joy, who gives meaning to the term sexual chocolate! Well hung with 9 inches of delicious meat just waiting to get sucked by costars Prophet of Dallas, who brags he can suck dick better than any girl out there. Breion Diomond and Majic from NYC, who are baby faced, lusty and well, muscled. Sonic a rough and ready rider from Chicago and bare bottoms check and Lil’Red from Los Angeles, who love it rough and deep. There is plenty of cum guzzling, dick sucking, playful and aggressive action here. Nokk performs an awesome ass munching scene that will have your bum hole crying out to get licked. These “All Around Playaz” are the boys you want to get down with; rough and tough thug personalities, with plenty of kissing, long, luscious hard as rock cock, tonguing, ball licking and ass eating; an orgiastic frenzy of thug love…as Sonic says “You won’t know till you cum!!


What The Reviewers Are Saying

... from Robert Patrick, GAYVN

All Around Playaz Breion & ProphetDeadly ... all-black-cast movie ... in Chicago ... with seven characters around a card-table arguing for Chicago's virtues ... quite suddenly they're separated into couples - well, one trio - with flashbulbs popping .. bottoms seem to claim they're virgins ... guys are of every type from a big-eyed Clark Gable to a wispy white-chocolate Johnny Depp (with dredlocks).

The sex frequently stops for rapid-fire chatter with several guys talking at once, sometimes about who's gay and who's not ... when the top has trouble getting it up, he pisses in the bottom's crack.


... from Kit Lambert, VideoConnection

Some films seem like all the others, but this one features acute action intercut with some interesting dialogue, not to mention over 9 inches of happiness.

The action of Prophet of Dallas, whose claim he can swallow paste better than any girl rivals anything from Bukowski.

New Yorkers, Breion Diamond and Majic, are both twinklicious and taut. I like Sonic the most, a real low-rider from Chicago.

There is plenty of ass munching, ball licking, dick sucking, foreskins, behinds and everything in between with some real cinema verité dialogue to boot.

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