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Meat Wackers 4-5 (2005)
Pitbull Productions
Directed by Jalin Fuentes
Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thugporn DVD
Language: English

Starring Tiger Tyson

Featuring: Armeretto
• Fubue
• Jay
• Butta Cream
• Cino G
• Lexxus
• Peanut

Pitbull Productions proudly presents you with another sexplosive edition from their infamous Meat Wackers series in Meat Wackers 5. As always, we have the freshest faces, hottest bodies and fattest cocks in the industry, Our models Armeretto, Fubue, Jay, Butta Cream, Cino G, Lexxus and Peanut in Meat Wackers 5 represents every flavor and size, stroking, rubbing and pleasuring themselves for your jerking jollies. Featuring bonus blow job footage starring the world-famous Latin lover Tiger Tyson with Big Red and 4Sho with Lil Bit, this two hour extravaganza will be more than enough to satisfy your lusty appetite. So lay back, grab some lube and tissues and get ready for hours of hard core self-satisfaction!

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... Monster Movie

Meatwackers IV features the largest, thickest and juiciest dicks you have EVER seen. Each seen full of cock slapping, jazz juggling and thugporn jacking action, as these hard bodied and sexy down low thugs show you what's up..

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