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Saturday, February 17, 2007

sup everyone whats really good hope all is chillin as for me im up early today gonna work on the car today put some new gaskets and change some plugs and replace my brakes gonna take a couple of hours but wha ever i love doin my own work also im gonna build my first box for my whip gonna go with 6 10 in punch fosgate n 2 1500 watt amps also fosgate also for mids im gonna go with the 8 and probably 2 bulliet tweeters now if that dont rock the block shiiit better blow somthin up lmao i wanna go at least 190 db talkabout rattle me bones lol also would love to know bout the rest of you car lovers and whats your taste me im a tuner kind a guy but i do love my american muscle allways sound like a fucken lion in them 350 blocks vrrrrroooom beyotch lol ok one time to get greasy one huned


Ryan juan said...

lol i see your a D.I.Y fan papi! thats wicked! i wished i was more active except the thing is lets face im clumsy and if i have been smoking well i'll just usually fall d.i.y things don't really go well me. lol i'm the gray parrot in london guy. I got some pictures and stats for you but i really don't know where to send them to on this site? can u help me out please? Thankyou t.t. x! you know what i just clocked it!

5:39 PM  
Anonymous said...

Okay Tiger we know you will never be a bottom but when will you and Joshua work on a scene. I can't wait for that?

9:01 PM  
K said...

Yo Tiger. I love your previews. I love Double R. I am in chicago, and I can not find any of your pitbull productions dvds. Any idea where to look? Druw

1:14 PM  
Dave said...


You are the best real Top Porn Star there is and I and my friends look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you to London.

Like K I also like Double R, but I think you are destined to Top him, which is what we hope you will do.

All my best and LOL,


6:32 PM  

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