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Monday, March 12, 2007

hello everyone well another day another do{screeeeeeeech} oh yea no its not cause Latino fan club brian brennon feels a need to keep republishing pictures that were used in pass issues and pass movies. these movies and pics that i took 9, 10 years ago are so old you can still see my old tattoo i mean come on lfc get over it already any work that you have is very old very very old all my work for the last 4 years has been shot and produced with my company PITBULL PRODUCTIONS so please I'm asking nicely stop using my pics my name and my work. pathetic so pathetic I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH LFC .

ok now back to the real stuff my new paris movie is finally done and should be shipped out any day now so check the stores or check my site your choice but were ready baby .


Anonymous said...

Hey Tiger: I hope this is really your blog. Anyways, I am a huge fan. I am 23yo from northern Cali. I just want to let you know that you hella rock. I love your videos. I love watching you get down and do your thang. Well, hit me up sometime at [email protected].... holla at your boi!!

12:59 AM  
Anonymous said...

Tiger, bruh, I am just finding out about you, man. I just saw one of your fliks. I cant remember the name but in one scene, you and yo boy were messin around on the roof of a building and the police came and u had to run inside. Man, you two guys looked like you were really having fun messin around and he didn't wanna let you f**k him...LOL... I just thought it was great how you guys interacted with each other. It reminded me of me and my homeboy. You seem like a real down to earth brutha. Stay real! You have a new fan here in South [email protected]

11:17 PM  

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