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In The Heat Tiger Tyson


Tiger Tyson takes Miami by storm! As the credits roll for In The Heat, the steamy new release from Pitbull Productions, Inc. and Tiger Tyson Productions, Tiger takes an outdoor shower, just to show us his slick body is as tight as ever. Then he drives his hummer up and invites us all along for the ride. Yeah, it gets a little bumpy. But that’s what makes it so much fun!

In scene one, Tiger and Czam strip down and Tiger sits back on the couch and lets his cute new friend chow down on his big thick dick. But before long Tiger is laying Czam over the arm of the couch. “You got a tight ass,” he says. But that doesn’t stop him from rearing back and plunging his fat fuck-pole into it, and then doing it again just so Czam can feel it. Tiger likes talking dirty and plundering Czam’s open booty from every position he can think of. The camera catches Tiger’s pumping tool and his pumping ass. Taking his newest boy by the waist, Tiger fucks fast, pulls out and splatters his back with spooge. By the time Czam strokes out a load, Tiger, that sex machine, is stroking out another.

Scene two is a fashion show, Thugporn style! Outdoors a dozen big buff black guys glitter in the Florida sun as they strut their stuff down the catwalk. Around them revelers shout approval. The models all wear skimpy swim trunks. Some are slashed and show a little extra skin. Flashes of pubes get hoots and whistles. And of course, the bigger the bulge at the crotch, the bigger the roar from the rowdy crowd. These naturally big boyz don’t have to stuff. (Unless it’s stuffing you in your dreams tonight!) This scene is a must-have for fans of the male physique and big basket.

In Scene 3 Christion and J Roc are kicking back on a couch, stripping down so they can get at each other. J Roc lifts his big feet to the skies and moans, “Tease that asshole, daddy!” Christion tongues it, but soon his fat dick takes charge. J Roc, a skilled cocksucker, teases the head with his tongue-stud then takes it all the way down. Christion’s tool is now ready to poke J Roc’s butt up over the arm of the couch and beyond. J Roc, hungry for cock, pumps his ass back just as hard. Christion flips his friend upside down and drives his dick into the open hole. When Christion finally pulls out, J Roc tongues his fuckbuddy’s nuts till he sends up a geyser of cum.

Scene 4 features a photo shoot with Tiger Tyson and hot male dancer Megabody (the name says it all), in and out of the pool, in and out of their swimsuits. The guys also tell us how they met and some of their future plans.

In Scene 5 long lean Ludacris leads muscular stud Bandit inside and relieves him of his pants. Before long Bandit is feeding Ludacris his dick and nuts. When Bandit sits on the couch, Ludacris sits on Bandit’s dick and takes the ride of his life. Bandit nails his fuckbuddy’s butt all over the room and even outside. He’s worked up a sweat by the time he pulls out, pops a load and wipes his slimy tool across his new boy’s grateful face.

A hottie with a tight body and a big booty, Lotus is hawking DVDs as Scene 6 begins. Tiger Tyson spots him and takes him home. In the bedroom Tiger strips and feeds Lotus his big swelling cock. When Tiger pushes Lotus down to the bed and sinks a finger between the ripe melons of his ass, it begins a marathon fuck. Once Lotus’s ass-chute expands to accommodate the thickness of Tiger’s tool, Tiger fucks Lotus on his belly, on his back, on his side, in bed, on the couch and standing up. After folding Lotus in half so he can pound his hole deeper, Tiger pulls out and hoses him down with jizz. Before Lotus strokes a load off, he licks the tip of his own fine dick.

As a bonus feature there’s a whirlwind tour of South Beach—shot in music video style—with Tiger Tyson and friends. Packs more punch than a fuckin’ hurricane!

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