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Tiger Tyson Steel Curtain


Steel Curtain's marquee match-up brings you a contest for the ages. Tiger Tyson, the reigning terror of thug porn, tangles with Jason Tiya, who brings to the clash all the beauty, brawn and booty of a California porn star. Together these men have enough meat to feed a hungry nation. Five more encounters and nine other hard-and-hung love-thugs make Steel Curtain the must-have of the season for every fan of streetwise guy-on-guy action and big brown dick.

Tiger Tyson lures Fly Guy into his lair with the promise of workout tips. As Tiger does biceps curls, Fly's hands admire Tiger's hard body. This gets Tiger's pocket pal as hard as the iron he's pumping. Fly sucks Tiger's crowbar sloppy as Tiger guides Fly's head through all the ways a mouth can make a man's meat happy. Flooded in lots of light, Tiger's luscious bod and fat brown rod never looked sexier. Since this is Tiger Tyson, it's not long before he's playing with Fly's furry ass, careful to lube his latest booty well before he pokes and pounds Fly from behind. Tyson twists Fly into several positions and draws on all the moves that have made him the most famous fucker in his class. Fly's flopping boner lets us know he's having the time of his life, spilling a batch of boy batter even as Tiger's peerless tool is hosing him down with still more.

Viper might be the new boy in town, but with his soul patch and smooth delivery, he sweet-talks his buddy Chaos into showing him all the skills he's been bragging about. These include sucking a mean dick, even when it's as mad thick as Viper's. Viper just lies back and holds onto his buddy's bobbing head. When Chaos pushes his pants down, Viper understands what the rest of his skill set includes, and he's ready to put it to the test. Viper's fat snake just about splits Chaos open. Once Viper has a secure berth up his buddy's ass, he shifts into high drive. At least when Chaos sits on Viper's pole he has a little control. The guy fucks himself happy-and Viper is feeling no pain either. Proof is in the seed Viper sprays all over the furrow he's just plowed. Chaos himself creams off all over his hard belly.

Pinky didn't earn his handle because he's hung like his little finger. He proves that right away in the shower, soaping his business to its full ten inches, then following his prize piece into the next room and his buddy Rhythm's admiring mouth. Down on his knees, Rhythm pays Pinky's pole the oral respect it deserves. Pinky himself is not too proud to get down on his knees and suck. But that's just foreplay to flipping Rhythm over, mounting him from behind and long-dicking him until he can't hold off any more. Pinky pulls out of Rhythm's fine butt and christens it with his jizz. Though Pinky's got his nut, he's kind enough to fuck Rhythm's face as Rhythm jacks to his. And guess what? Pinky's remarkable rod coughs up yet another big helping of nut-cream.

Mega-stars Tiger Tyson and Jason Tiya are hanging out, swapping stories about how they got into the biz, each trying to talk faster than the other. Jason admits he'll surrender his ass under the right circumstances. Tiger thinks they should make a movie and talks Jason into stripping down and showing his boy-pussy. When Tiger strips down too we see: when it comes to primary equipment, Jason is big but Tiger is even bigger. It stiffens to its full length when Tiger flips Jason over to finger and lube his ass. Still Jason, splayed on the leather couch, roars when Tiger's big fat tool skewers him-this is where pain and pleasure meet. For a while Jason rides Tiger's dick like a pogo stick. But Tiger, ever the man of action, finds several acrobatic positions to hump Jason in. Watching these two hot bodies sweat and strain is a special treat. After the full workout, Tiger pulls out and cums on Jason's ass. As Jason eyes Tiger, he strokes and sprays his nut all over his bad, beautiful self.

When a break-in goes wrong, Carmello threatens to beat the shit out of the Kidd-but settles for taking his ass instead. Carmello spreads the Kidd out on the bed and rips his clothes off. To prime the Kidd's ass, Carmello buries his face in the Kidd's fuzzy crack and gets him good and wet. But nothing could prepare the Kidd for the rough fuck he's lucky enough to get from a true love-thug. The fierce coupling doesn't keep these guys from kissing the whole way through. For a while they even curl up for a juicy mutual blowjob. But mostly Carmello plows away, the camera admiring his own furry hole and banging low-hangers. His supple hips slam his big tool home until neither guy can survive any more. Carmello and Kidd both spurt all over.

With nothing else to do in prison, The Roc has built his body until he's a mountain of a man. Kidd Kaj is impressed enough to talk his newly-free buddy out of his clothes. How big The Roc is! When Kaj gets naked too, we wonder how this slender man will survive the encounter. But The Roc takes his time, caressing Kaj, then lying back for his first blowjob as a free man. Kaj's mouth is too good and The Roc is too horny for this to last long. Soon Kaj is blowing a load over his chiseled gut and The Roc is hosing down his own. Ah freedom!


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Pitbull Productions, Inc.

Pitbull Productions, Inc. presents

Tiger Tyson
Jason Tiya
Kidd Kaj
The Roc
Fly Guy
directed by JALIN FUENTES

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