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Tiger Tyson Secrets (2005)
from PitbullProductions.com
Length: 1 hrs. 40 mins
Directed by Jalin Fuentes
Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thug porn DVD
Language: English

Starring Tiger-Tyson.com
Directed by Jalin Fuentes

Also starring Ludacris
Also featuring: Black
• Carter
• Chaos
• Peanut Butta
• Ransom
• Shorty Ruff
• Timberland

The best, hottest, wildest most animalistic sex is usually the sex you can't tell anyone about! It's either on the Down Low or it involves a major betrayal, or it's so damn dirty that you're ashamed to admit what you've done, even to yourself! Tiger's latest sexual adventures span the US from New York to LA, Texas to Philadelphia. Uncontrollable lust erupts in the most unexpected places when Tiger's on the prowl! Tiger gives newbie Carter a lesson in deep throating and deep dicking on the Down Low in the Lone Star state. Peanut Butta explores Chaos's unique cock sucking abilities, eventually dropping buckets of red hot cum into his wide-open hot chocolate ass when they steal away to a love shack in Philly. Black and Ransom hook up after a photo shoot in LA. These two turn into wild ass licking, power fucking freaks! In New York, bottom Shorty Ruff turns the tables on Timberland, flipping the aggressive top over until he's ass deep in dick! And finally, Tiger meets Ludacris, the boy no one else has been able to fuck. The always hard, always horny Tiger gets his guy...but be careful what you wish for, it might come true! For those of you who love toe sucking, we've also given you something to chew on!

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What The Reviewers Are Saying

... from Candice Littleton

Just what the fuck is going with this wild boyz in Tyger Tyson's crew? The young thugs of Pitbull Productions take DL to a whole other level, with Tyger Tyson leading the way, tearing up some ass and taking no prisoners.

Tiger Tyson Secrets works that DL (Down Low) theme to the maximum. The dudes are manly, with that 'gangsta' or 'playa' persona. They profess to be one way, i.e. straight, but they handle their business when the occasion rises. Tiger, the cover man himself rocks it out in scene one. He terrorizes porn newcomer, Carter's fine brown bubble ass with his skillfull brand of ass slamming. The way his hips move you'd swear he was double jointed. Tyger drives his 10 all the way to balls and Carter can do nothing but cry "Oh shit!"

In another hotel room, Peanut Butta sits alone, supposedly without his girlfriend when there's a knock at his hotel room door. It's dark and lovely Chaos who claims he is looking for some dude he knows. Chaos works his way in by asking to use the bathroom. One thing leads to another and Peanut Butta has a mouthful of Chaos' 9.5 incher. They fuck on the bed in positions that would make a circus acrobat jealous. In one position Chaos has half of Peanut's body face down across the bed and on the floor while he takes his bootylicious ass from behind. It's a tantric position that has to be seen (or tried) to be appreciated! After the fast and furious fuck, Chaos winds down for a bit of kissing, tender thigh biting, toe sucking and nipple teasing before the 2nd round of blazing butt banging. They nut side by side lips locked in a juicy full lipped kiss! Yummy! Peanut tries to get a name and phone number from Chaos, but this hit it and quit dude is not having it, so Peanut kicks his sleazy ass out.

Scene 3 compared to the previous is a silent, but intense. The camera grabs your attention with a jaw-dropping pan of model named Black's torso. This brutha has a killer chest with arms to match. Slowly from the bottom of the screen another model, Ransom moves in for the target, Black's dick. Ransom uses his masterful lips to excite Black's dick while Black, a total hard top apparently, casually tweaks both his own nipples. Black winds up fucking Ransom for the remainder of the scene even passionately kissing his co-star. In scene 3 Shorty Ruff decides to chill in his hotel room when who should happen by but a model named Timerberland. What an incredible pair these two make, looking like ultra masculine a athletes. Timberland has to steal a good lipsmack from his buddy who seems shy only about kissing. They close the hotel room drapes and literally fuck ass on the air conditioner of all places!

It's got a nice sized padded bench over it, so dont' go thinking the sex must have been awkward. Nothing like seeing two versatile cats with sculpted bodies swap positions and fuck one another. Timberland licks his spunky cum off Shorty Ruff's chest and plays with his nipples while he finishes himself off. They're sweat and cum drenched when the scene fades. Tiger returns in the next scene, with Popular Pitbull model, Ludacris. While party music thumps in apartment above them, they sit bored but desiring a little action, Ludacris takes matters into his own hands, and mouth. He slides Tyger's dick out and starts their own party right there. You needn't ask who ends up on the receiving end of some dick. Ludacris begins moaning as soon as they fucking starts, and judging by the curse words he shouts, dude loves it! You never get enough of Tyger banging ass. Ludacris can't either.

How is this DVD? It's got a style all its own, and it unfolds like it's real life. In other words they kept it real and it shows.

Overall Sex Rating: ***(HOT-HOT)
Editing & Lighting: Very Good; one scene end abruptly in the bonus footage.
Fantasy Fulfillment Grade: (B+) Tiger Tyson at the top of his game, has the motions that make folks twitch in their seats!. Watch him tear up some masculine booty. It’s not the ultimate Tiger Tyson movie, but Tiger Tyson Secrets is worth buying to add to your collection.


...from RM, Fleshbot

Does everyone have some unexplored fetish or sexual desire? "Secrets", Tiger Tyson's latest release from Pitbull Productions, answers that very question. And while it's no secret what the popular blatino porn star is swingin' between his legs, director Jalin Fuentes carefully documents almost every angle of Tiger's near-perfect bubble butt as well. Five superhot scenes plus an interview segment, make this required viewing.


... from David Wilson

That wild and crazy Tiger Tyson has released from PitbullProductions.com Secrets. It takes on Tiger's latest sexual adventures, from NY to LA, and Texas to Philadelphia. You just never know where Tiger Tyson will show up, along with such luminaires as Peanut Butta, Chaos, and Ludacris (now that makes me giggle.) And, hey, if you're into toe sucking, there's something for you as well.

The best, hottest, wildest most animalistic sex is usually the sex you can't tell anyone about!
It's either on the Down Low or it involves a major betrayal, or it's so damn dirty that you're ashamed to admit what you've done, even to yourself!

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