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Take 'Em DownTake 'Em Down (2004)
from Pitbull Productions
Length: 1 hour 50 minutes
Directed by Jalin Fuentes
Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thug porn DVD
Language: English

Featuring Thugporn star
Tiger Tyson

Special Thug gansta
• Supreme (aka Castro)

• Boi Pussee
• Lex Lazarus


Take Em Down is the explosive release from Pitbull Productions, the Producers who brought you "The Way You Like It". This delicious gay video features the sensationally sexy thugporn Tiger Tyson who manhandles newcomers Supreme and Lex.

Tiger Tyson has his hands full as he takes on Supreme in a heavy duty, ass pounding session which leaves Supreme breathless and unable to take anymore - then Tiger takes down Lex, in every position imaginable, with grunting and groaning until he splashes manjuice all over his back and then Supreme stuffs his cock into Boipussee's tight little hole.

This cockthrobbing, gangsta ass porn will have all you down low lovers yearning to get taken down, your dicks in hand ready to get down with Tiger and his posse of horny thugporn boys from Thugmart

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Take Em Down Tiger Tyson


Read What The Reviewers Are Saying

... from FriskyBoy at FriskyFans.org

I Watch out! Tiger Tyson is takin' down the tops. Nicely photographed and edited, Take 'Em Down shows the horsehung Romeo hittin' the backsides of five guys who until now have never had their pussy popped on-screen. Like previous Pittbull Productions, director Jalin Fuentes captures Tyson's spunky personality, devilish grin and his content hoppin' around having a good time.

We want to invite Tyson to the next Frisky Fans Christmas Party.

During the film, Tyson shows off repeatedly one of his signature abilities - he can tap an ass, pull out, rip off his condom and easily squeeze his big load out of his throbbing muscle. All in one take! Here's to real Puerto Rican power...

The movie begins with Tyson in his hotel room dialing up some ass on his cell phone. He gets Lex Laziruzz over, who chows down on Tyson's thick member in no time. Tyson gets Laziruzz on his stomach, where he begins fondling his buttcheecks with his hands.

He pours on some lube, sheaths up and slowly slides it in. On his fours, Laziruzz has a wide, fleshy ass that Tyson pounds at length. The moviestar can really work a hot hole.

They finish with Laziruzz on his back getting drilled. Finally Tyson performs a pull out and cum one-take, covering the bottom with a river of hot spooge.

Next, Tyson gets Romeo and Supreme over to devirginize his crib. After lubricating them with bacardi, he lubricates them with baby oil. Supreme removes his shorts. A curved cock the size of the Empire State Building falls out. Romeo stuffs this skyscraper cock into his mouth as Tyson fills his other end with manmeat.

They both tear poor Romeo's ass up. Supreme hits it with the bottom hanging off the couch. In a high moment, they form a hot three way chain with Supreme in the middle, his sledgehammer buried in Romeo while Tyson slides his own big missile in from behind. Supreme's tight ass easily causes Tyson to drop a huge load. Then Supreme goes back and pounds the heck out of Romeo until he releases his own big torrent of juice.

Next, Tyson works his wand on Butter, a sexy guy with some meat on his body and ass. After getting his dick sucked, Tyson wastes little time gettin' up in there. Tyson hammers him balls deep. More great camerawork here showing the sliding meat from behind and above. Tyson likes to look up and tease the camera with when he's buried deep inside a guy.

Butter all gets a commendation on his flexibility. Tyson pushes his left leg completely back along his body when he's screwing. Tyson finishes with a all in one shot of pulling out and jerkin' out gobs of white cream.

After this, Tyson has a second hook-up with the gigantic hook-dicked Supreme. Tyson talks about how much he's wants to get up in there. He slides into his ass lying down on a rug, in front of a bunch of video electronics. It takes a few tokes and drinks before he can get completely comfortable.

Tyson rams him from the back. The camera shows Supreme gritting his teeth as he takes it. And they break up giggling a few times to take a liquor shot. Fortunately, they have Lubriderm Cocoa Butter Oil that seems solve everything, and makes everything slide right in. The scene is very engrossing, and accurately shows how a inexperienced bottom can be coaxed into taking a huge cock up his ass.

Tyson shoots his biggest load of the film here.

After this, Supreme shows up to strut his topman stuff. He gets it on with a broadly built hottie named Boi Pusee. Supreme grips Boi Pusse's big asscheeks and throw him a really hot, hard pounding screw. Their hot sex is highlighted with Boi Pusse gripping the sheets as Supreme slams his huge, crooked dick in and out. And Supreme pulls out to shoot a supreme money shot all over the bottom's boy pussy.

The DVD has an extra solo with a freshly scrubbed and babyfaced Tyson. The cutie has some fun alone in the tub before jacking out an impressive cumshot. If Tiger Tyson isn't coming to a town near you, maybe you can cum while watching Tyson.

Watch this movie online right now. Feel free to try out our online rental service. It's easy and a great way to see some of these movies.


... from LTL3 at Radvideo

Take 'Em Down, starring Tyger Tyson, is one of the best gay black porns produced in a long time. The title refers to the fact that Tyson tops actors who've heretofore successfully protected their rear flanks.

The first of five scenes start off with Tyson inviting Lex Laziruzz over after plans for the evening falling through. Before you know it, Lex is feeding on Tiger sausage then taking it deep up his ass. In the next scene, Tyson and Supreme are having drinks at Tyson's brand new apartment when Supreme tells Tyson that bottom Romeo is coming over to "de-virginize" the new place. No sooner than he's in the door is Romeo down on the sofa getting it big-time from both hot ends. By the end of the scene, massively equipped Supreme has expertly fucked Romeo and Tyson has fucked both men.

Next, Tyson, accompanied by Butter, has gotten a hotel room because he's "too fucked up" to drive home. Of course, he is not too fucked up to talk Butter out of his clothes and fuck him every way from Sunday. This scene is the best filmed of the lot with some fantastic shots of Tyson mounting and penetrating Butter's hairy butter hole.

The fourth scene has Tyson wanting another go up inside Supreme's asshole. The two are all but naked and about to get busy on a rooftop when they get spotted and have to run down to Supreme's apartment. In this scene, Supreme is definitely the reluctant bottom, pulling away and stalling for time before Tyson lays down the law and lays some pipe to Supreme's butt. After being used like a bitch by Tyson, Supreme needs to feel like a man again. So when Boi Pusee offers him some ass in the final scene, Supreme goes in deep and pounds it for all it's worth. An excellent and most worthy film.


... from Adam at Adammale

Take ‘Em Down features nothing but gorgeous, masculine, young, and hung hotties of color and their sex is even more colorful! With his [Tiger's] sculpted chocolate chest, rippling ...


... from Robert Patrick at GAYVN

The fourth 25-minute scene of this odd all-black movie starts with Tyson and Supreme on a roof, moves indoors, and is interrupted by quarrels and a cutaway to a dreamlike sequence of them fucking elsewhere. The color of Supreme's head-handkerchief unaccountably changes, too, just before Tyson sticks ice cubes up Supreme's ass-and we hear the director talking. Finally they fuck. .... A woman seems to have stood-up Tiger, so he and languid Laziruzz make do with each other in a friendly, sensual manner. Laziruzz matter-of-factly lets Tyson top him, hardly seeming to notice as Tyson slowly sticks dick in him, but warming up enough to turn over and lift his legs halfway through, and play with Tyson's nipples. It seems more of a deliberate sex-date when Tyson and Supreme take turns in both ends of Romeo. Then Tyson fucks Supreme while Supreme fucks Romeo. In the next scene, Tyson expresses surprise that Butter gets fucked-then fucks him. Next, Supreme expresses shock that big, dark Boi Pusee gets fucked-then fucks him. Bonus Footage is a ten-minute Tyson solo.

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