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Straight Meat, Double R (2006)
from Pitbull Productions
Length: 1 hour 40 minutes
Directed by Jalin Fuentes
Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thug porn DVD
Language: English

Featuring Thugporn star
• Double R

Also featuring
• Indio
• X Factor
• Redd Foxx
• Johnny Blaze
• Kidd Kaj
• (Bonus Feature) Phyre

Straight Meat Double R

Hot new Pitbull Discovery Double R slams str8 thug ass on the down low!

Scene 1: Double Rs str8 roommate catches him jacking off to internet porn and decides to help a brother out as only he can.

Scene 2: Indio, X Factor and Redd Foxx wait for their homie Johnny Blaze to return home from the war and throw a party he'll never forget. Roomie Dillon walks in on the action and steals the show.

Scene 3: During a hard bench press workout, two str8 thugs, Double R and Kidd Kaj, find they need to work off the tension and live out their high school locker room fantasies.

Scene 4: When Viper's pizza boy delivery arrives late, he serves an 11 inch penalty to hungry bottom Redd Fox with a tip only a thug can provide.

Scene 5: A cum scene destined for XXX porn awards... Double R and Chaos play strip poker as the big swingin Double R makes sure he wins no matter who has the better hand.

Plus Bonus Footage Double R & Phyre

What The Reviewers Are Saying

Straight Meat, Double R
(from JRLChartsonline.com)

Starring: Double R, Kidd Kaj, Viper, Redd Foxx, Dillon, Johnny Blaze, X Factor, Indio, Chaos, Phyre, Ray

This feature has various feature plot scenarios to keep us interested in the story line. Double R is a recurring model and is worth is weight in porn pay.

Kidd is lifting with Double R, and it turns out to be a sexy hot scene with Kidd Kaj working over Double R for all his is worth. Both these guys are quite sexy with all sorts of appeal taking place. Itís easy to tell why Double R is in so many scenes. He has the body the look and the dick.

Viperís pizza is late, but never the less he is still a nice guy about it; even offer the delivery person extra cash for his troubles. Viper is packing all sorts of dick and is eager to fuck and have his large cock sucked, and Redd is the perfect candidate for the job.

Redd has a hot ass, but I know he can be a little more receptive to the dick of Viper because in the other scenes he show a bit more excitement. Viper has that entire dick to be pumped if its juices, finally dropping his load in Reddsí face.

This DVD feature takes you on an adventure with some pretty hot models across the board. It only gets better as feature goes on. The home coming with Dillon, Johnny, X Factor, Indio and Redd waste no time in starting the action Indio is ready and willing from the start with the help of Redd whose hot mouth is working overtime to please.

The blow job Ray gives to thug porn Double R is classic and one of the highlight of this feature. Taking that fat cock up his ass then ending with a sucking off that fat dick nice cum shot by Double R.

This feature is definitely one for the archives so make sure you stock a copy for yourself.

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