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The Show, Tiger Tyson
Part 2 (2006) --

from Pitbull Productions
Length: 1 hour 44 minutes
Directed by Jalin Fuentes
Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thug porn DVD
Language: English

The Show, Parts 1 and 2 feature thugporns
• Tiger Tyson
• Owen Hawk
• Matthias von Fistenberg
• T. Malone
• Collin O'Neal
• Camron
• Gabriel Sinclair
• CJ
• Komplex
• Double R
• Mario Cruz
• Supreme aka Castro

Synopsis of "The Show Part 1"
Matthias von Fistenberg is young, hung and rich. Now he wants a new "toy". Bored with the endless club scene, he decides to host the ultimate sex elimination contest. Watch as ten eager contestants blur real life drama to give the sexual performances of their lives, all for the attention of judges Owen Hawk and Tiger Tyson. These totally uninhibited men are tested to the limit in a latex fashion show, intense man-on-man action, gangbangs and orgies.

Filmed in reality TV format "The Show Part 1" and "The Show Part 2" combine spontaneous action with a superstar cast. It is a first ever high-end gay thug porn film featuring an ethnically diverse cast.

Starring Owen Hawk, Tiger Tyson, Matthias von Fistenberg, T. Malone, Collin O'Neal, Camron, Gabriel Sinclair, CJ, Komplex, Double R, Mario Cruz and Supreme aka Castro.

What The Reviewers Are Saying About "The Show"

Brent Blue,

There's a porn reality show going on, and it's every bit as tense and interesting as anything on network TV. No, strike that, it's more so. The prize is Matthias Von Fistenberg, not to mention a hefty change purse and entrance into his opulent lifestyle and roomy manse. "The Show" doesn't give up its idea of being an actual contest for a second. There are no extraneous scenes, nothing that isn't 100% part of this competition, and as I watched, I stopped thinking of the guys as thugporn models and as actual contestants, rooting for some and hoping others would be sent home, just like I would watching any reality show. I would tune into this every week, no doubt about it.

Others are Saying:

From Porn O'Phile
at BadBoysPoolParty.com

The Show, Part 1 - Inevitably, a competition (in a mysterious mansion) for Best Bottom and Best Top, in a "reality show" mode, with the grand prize a post as the assistant or lover (the term used is "confidant") of muscular, mohawked millionaire Matthias von Fistenberg (also the movie's director). It's all done as seriously as such shows are on TV, with interviews, ominous music, eliminations, and "backstage" scenes. Event One is a rubber-fetish fashion-show (a hoot). Event Two is Best Bottom, with guest star Tiger Tyson the multi-fucking judge for five contestants, who suck around on each other as well. Huge-hung Tiger has a high old time fingering and fucking all five over a couple of couches, although his monster meat is clearly too much for a couple of contestants, and the event is more fun than feverish, with speeded-up sections as bottoms take the position and Tiger gets into a fresh condom. The winner gets a victory fuck on the floor from no less than Owen Hawk! Event Three is Best Top. Hawk and von Fistenberg, in matching leather jockstraps, sit back-to-back astride a backless couch (or "recamier") to suck up five contestants' cocks. Eventually the judges turn around face-to-face, making their asses available for competition. Four thugporns are black, so the action in the white butts is easy to follow.
Imagine how that room must smell ! ... read more here

Click: To See Video of The Show Part 1

The Show, Part 1: This co-production between New York City based companies Pitbull Productions and Dark Alley Media follows the reality TV format of contestants competing for a big prize.

In the case of this two-part movie (the conclusion, The Show 2, will not be released for another couple of months) the ten entrants are engaged in a sex competion and the big prize is to become the personal companion of Matthias von Fistenberg, "a strapping, youg, eccentric billionaire." In addition to Mr. von Fistenberg, the winner will receive a $10K-a-week allowance, a private jet, the car of his dreams and a royal suite at ht billionaire's home, which happens to be a castle. Tiger Tyson and Owen Hawk are the judges who wring the best sex possible out of the multi-racial thugporn cast.

Also directed by von Fistenberg, The Show 1-2 was filmed with four cameras, employs cutting edge motion picture technologies, a camera crane, and Hollywood-grade lighting, with sets built by a Broadway set designer. Each disc has five sex scenes.

There was also some real drama to accompany the filmed drama. Police interrupted the filming to arrest performers von Fistenberg and Supreme aka Castro because of complaints that their sex scene could been by onlloers standing outside the gates of the 50-room Gothic castle. (Filming took place in New Rochelle, NY). The thugporn models, charged with public lewdness and sexual shenanigans deemed up appropriate to a White Anglo Suburban Place were taken to jail in handcuffs (not to each other) where they quickly released!

Charges were dropped to disorderly conduct, the producers paid the $100 fine and filming resumed.

Now that your appetite is whetted, watch a preview of Part 1 of The Show, which is out now!

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