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Tiger Tyson Eiffel Tower (2007)
from Pitbull Productions
Length: 2 Disk Set
Directed by Tiger Tyson
Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thug porn DVD
Language: English

Starring Tiger Tyson
• Cyann
• Jordan
• Jules
• Kiliam
• Remy
• Samy


Travel from New York to Paris, France with Tiger Tyson while he films his first International adult movie. This special two-disc Collectors Edition is filled with unforgettable men in an unbelievable city having awesome sex! Tiger is at the top of his game, eager to sample the boyz from the country that invented the French kiss!

Join Tiger as his French sex diary unfolds. Out and about in the City of Lights, Tiger loses his way while trying to find the Eiffel tower. Fortunately, he is helped by famous French underwear model Jordan, who gives him a map and also offers to spend some quality time with Tigers famous cock! The attraction between these two gorgeous hunks is obvious and it doesnt take long for Tiger to bring Jordon to his knees, where he worships the Tigers turgid tool before giving up his succulent French booty.

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