Cover Bottoms UpT Malone Bottoms Up (2006)
from Pitbull Productions Length: 2 hours 3 minutes Directed by Jalin Fuentes Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thug porn DVD Language: English

Starring Thugporn star T. Malone and Featuring Boi Pussee, Camron, Tiger Tyson, Simon, The Ass Professor, Polo

Synopsis: After starring in T. Malone: Big Booty Gangbang, our superstar bottom is back in business. This time T Malone invites his favorite tops to party in a "bottoms gone wild" collection of extreme anal erotica!

Scene Breakdown: T Malone & Camron:
Camron is in for a special treat, Thereís nothing better than getting a strip tease from the big booty T Malone. It takes a real man to handle the bodacious T Malone, and Camron is just the person to take him down. Banging all 9ď inches of dick deep into T Malone, Camron never lets ups, until the two almost fall off the bed and Camron shoots his load all over T Maloneís phat booty.

Ass Professor & Kapone X: Winning a coin toss proves to be good luck for the Ass professor. Kapone X is definitely worth the win, heís a master at giving head. With a mouth that wonít quit and an ass that can handle the most aggressive top. Ass Pprofessor lives up to his name, showing Kapone X who is in charge, as he shoots his load all over Kapone Xís face

Phyre & Polo: Breaking and Entering seems to be familiar to Polo. Fulfilling a sexual fantasy, Polo & Phyre go at it in an abandoned apartment. A little dust and dirt doesnít stop these two from fucking and sucking up a storm! The two homeboys go at it up against the wall, on the floor, anywhere they can find room for their squirming bodies. The action is wild until finally Polo canít stand it anymore and he shoots a load all over Phyreís back.

T Malone Bottoms Down Tiger Tyson & T Malone: Tiger has his choice of boys to play with in his fetish domination dungeon, but there is one particular bottom that catches his attention. T Malone is Tigerís favorite boy toy. Tiger ties him up, and cracks open Tís hot tight ass. In ass pounding, ruff riding, man handling action, Tiger gives his boy toy a 100% all dick fuck, until he shoots his load all over T Maloneís ass.

Tiger Tyson & Simon Angel: Simon Angel is a little lost in Harlem, but Tiger Tyson has no problem pointing him in the right direction. As Tiger leads Simon, back to his apartment, Simon is greeted by a 9 1/2Ē hard on that he has no problem taking all the way up his juicy ass. Tiger show Simon all that Harlem has to offer, and Simon quickly learns everything he can. From the Uptown Doggy Style to the Ruff Ryderís Ride Emí position, Tiger makes Simon come to a very liquid climax, spraying hot jizz all over himself. We are sure Simon will want to get lost in Harlem again!

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