Hot & CreamyHot & Creamy (2004), from Pitbull Productions, Length: 1 hour 50 minutes, Directed by Jalin Fuentes, Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thug porn DVD, Language: English

Featuring Dark Baby, G Booty, Chocolate, Flex, Blaq Ice, Isaiah, Komplex, Mello, Sexy One, Shawty, Taurus, Treville

Synopsis: Filled with Pitbull Productions spice & flavaz to give you the extra caffeine you need to keep your mind hyper with excitement of a world beyond the one we live in. Isaiah delivers his golden brown cock on a platter to be served as a main course. Mello & Komplex doing the natural tick for a tac freak circus in the bedroom. Shawty and Sexcyone from Los Angeles, dangerous street gang members who unbelievably fuck each other into a deep sleep in hell. Dark Baby & Taurus launch fireworks in the hotel room after Gay Pride in Washington D.C. until they burst their rockets. Blaq Ice & G Booty are reunited from a past sexual experience of lust, passion and romance involving plenty of foreplay action. And roomates Flexx & Treville who finally admit their lust and personal sexual misty love for one another, and came to the conclusion that it was time to do the get down of freaking, including plenty of multiple fetishes you must see. Available as clips at FuckFlixx Netdixx Thugporn , What The Reviewers Are Saying: .. from Friskyboy at FriskyFans, already naked?, Black guy gay porn has been pretty marginal over the years. Florida company Pittbull Productions along with director Jalin Fuentes clearly are a breath of fresh air to this genre. Their Thugporn line utilizes Tiger Tyson in its flagship line, like The Way You Like It. So it was interesting to see how a movie held up without Tyson's bouncy personality in the picture.

Hot and Creamy contains six one-on-one duets, all with black, latino and white models...with an emphasis on the black. Coming in at just under 120 minutes, there is a lot of meat for the buck. On the whole, these vignettes are pretty good. The guys get into each other, and the tops seem to love plowing butt. All of the models' dicks are notable for size, length or both.

Shall we jump to our favorite scene immediately, which is the last? No, let's go in unconfusing order.

The scenes all have setups and dialogue. However, it is not really an enhancement to the movie. First up, Flex and Treville decide to turn their apartment into a love nest. In the bathroom, Treville blows Flex up to full mast. His dick is pretty hefty, and lubes it up and slides it into his friend's butt from behind. They have sex for awhile wearing white wife-beaters. Undergarments are always a hot touch.

They move to the bed where Treville lays flat on his stomach. Flex pounds his ass, ultimately shooting a big load of white jizz onto his back, which he licks and plays with.

The second scene kicks things up a notch. Slimboy G-Booty immediately works over the tall Blaq Ice until his very long, thin, upturned cock is rock hard. This must be an amazing implement to pleasure a bottom with. G-Booty seems eager to slide down onto it. His booty is a fine bubble butt that is ripe for splitting apart.

The hottest sequence has G-Booty on his back, getting plowed hard missionary as his own cock flops around. Then he gets a cum facial from Blaq Ice.

After this, the horsehung Isaiah dials up some chocolate, to be delivered right to his door. The dark skinned chocolate boy --- named Chocolate --- who arrives has one amazing booty, and Isaiah pins him down and pumps him hard all over the bed. Chocolate squirts out a big load of white cream, followed by Isaiah shooting his own load onto the bottom's belly.

This is followed by another hot duet - long dong black dudes Mello and Komplex get it on in their bedroom. Komplex has to work Mello's dick up for awhile before it's fully hard. However after that, Mello has no problem wielding his big shaft. Fans of big dicked bottoms will love seeing the slightly larger Komplex getting banged on his back, his legs wrapped around Mello.

After Komplex takes it up the ass, they lay side by side and squirt hot cum out of their oversized dicks.

The fifth scene is probably the film's weakest. Sexcy One and Shawty screw in a bedroom. One of them (Sexcy One) actually has a big, freaky black dick that is uncut, and he plows good. But their scene is quick, and he doesn't appear fully hard. The bottom does a lot of moaning here, probably due to getting humped mercilessly.

Fortunately the best scene has been saved for last: a hot interracial coupling between a long-donged white top and a cute black bottomboy (Taurus and Dark Baby). Dark Baby announces at the beginning how he wants dick in his ass, and Taurus is happy to oblige. Dark Baby moans and coos encouragement to Taurus as he drills him on his stomach. He is a very submissive black bottom.

Taurus's cock measures up pretty much to most of the other guys in the film, so he does lots of deep drilling on the happy Dark Baby. Dark Baby shoots a giant messy load while getting plugged. We mark this as one of the hottest zebra scenes to come down in memory.

All in all, Pittbull/Thugporn has done a great job in showing hot, freaky sex in this six scene blitz. In Hot n' Creamy there is something for everyone.

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