In The HeatIn The Heat (2005), from Pitbull Productions, Length: 1 hour 44 minutes, Directed by Jalin Fuentes, Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thug porn DVD. Click for free In The Heat Clips

Featuring Thug porn star, Tiger Tyson, Special Thug gansta, MegaBody, Featuring , Bandit, Czam, Cristion, J. Rock, Lotus, Ludacris

Video In The Heat Tiger Tyson Synopsis: Pitbull Productions will have you exploring sultry South Beach and rockin' Miami with bad boy Tiger Tyson, where the men are gorgeous, hotly naked and very, very available! When Tiger unleashes the animal within, he is quickly surrounded with horny men who can't wait to feel Tiger's stiff dick filling their butts to capacity, Join Tiger as he lives the good life, enjoying the heat, palm trees, unlimited poolside sex and even a Hummer. And, as an extra bonus, Tiger hooks up with an old friend, world famous stripper Megabody, for an incredibly sexually revealing interview. Non-stop triple X hardcore fuck-and-suck action makes this trip to Miami one Tiger will never forget from Thugmart. Available as clips at FuckFlixx Netdixx Thugporn.

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As if we didn't have enough reasons to crush on Tiger Tyson, along comes "In the Heat", his latest DVD from Pitbull Productionsfeaturing all the straight-from-Rikers Island trade and hot Hummer H2s action we can handle. In this installment, Tiger heads down to South Beach for the Miami Sizzle party (think White Party, only browner) and find himself impressing the circuit boys with his rather substantial talents. Make sure you slo-mo through Tiger's first scene with Czam and the Bandit/Ludacris powerfuck&mdashand as an added bonus, fashioinistas will appreciate the sexy swimwear fashion show bonus feature. Who said there wasn't such a thing as well-rounded smut?,

By Don Hornyone... Pink Mafia Review, Tiger Tyson In The Heat Available at Tiger Tyson has been the source of many a wet dream for adult entertainment fans, what with his toned physique, adorable baby face, playful demeanor and monstrous dick. Tiger is in top form in “In The Heat” which takes place in steamy Miami. Taking full advantage of all the hot boys the city has to offer, this video is guaranteed to get you off. Things start off pretty hot with Tiger fucking a slim little Hispanic boy named Czam. Tyson is simply adorable, wasting no time, stripping down, slapping ass and getting head. His aggressive attitude is where his charm lies and Czam obviously has the pants charmed off of him. This boy takes a serious pounding from Tiger's meat before having a huge load sprayed all over his back. The next scene is a fashion show during Miami's Sizzle Black Gay Pride weekend. It's a highlight of the video to watch these exceptional black men strut their stuff in sexy swimwear. It's a shame we don't get to see these fine ass brothas in action as some of their asses are just begging to get fucked. Its back to fucking in the next scene with the thick Cristion topping J Rock's perfect black ass. The rimming portion of the scene is incredibly hot thanks to J rock's perfectly filthy mouth. Once the fucking begins the camera gets excellent views of both men's round asses and there is plenty of interaction between the two to keep things hot. The next section of the video is a candid interview with Megabody and Tiger. Although it's nice to see these two friends having fun together I would have rather seen them getting it on or at least a mutual JO scene. Oh well. Muscular stud Bandit handles his business with Ludacris in the following scene. Bandit has such a beautiful body that it would have been nice to see him paired with someone more muscular but watching him pound the living daylights out of this young man did it for me. The final scene is also the hottest on the video. Tiger hooks up with beautiful Lotus for some hot man on man action. These two are perfectly paired and the attraction is pretty clear to see. Lotus has a perfect body with a smooth round bubble butt and beautiful eyes and Tyson has a great time giving this hot boy every inch of his manhood. Lotus takes the dick like a pro, letting Tiger know how much he is enjoying it with plenty of eye contact and moans. This is one for the hall of fame! So all in all, “Tiger Tyson In The Heat” is a hot video that is definitely worth your time. There are enough muscular men and big dicks to satisfy you for days.

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