The Way You Like It Tiger Tyson (2004), from Pitbull Productions, Length: 1 hrs. 37 mins, Directed by Jalin Fuentes, Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thug porn DVD. Starring thugporn star Tiger Tyson, Special Guest Appearance: T. Malone, Also featuring: Afro Man, Alex Cruz, Chris Pleasur, Devin Do-More, EL, Jadendr, Joel Velez, Lazarus. Click for another free Way You Like It clip.

Tiger Tyson gets down The Way You Like in this latest Pitbull Productions attraction, in association with Tiger Tyson Productions. With an all star cast, featuring Lazarus, Joel Velez, Chris Pleasure, Devin Do-More, Afro Man, Alex Cruz, EL, Jadend and a Special Guest Appearance by T. Malone, there's something here for everyone. Tiger lets loose his delicious Latin love tool, spreading joy and cheer wherever he takes it. This juicy, cum filled flick demonstrates once again why Tiger Tyson is the HOTTEST gay porn star out, as he fucks his way out of this mountain of hungry little holes. Tiger takes on a double whammy as Afro Man jerks off his long delicious chocolate cock. In a suds soaked train five luscious studs fuck themselves into a frenetic frenzy, each eager to get the most out of this dream come true for all you homo thug and down low lovers out there. Sexy Alex Cruz gets a nice and nasty fuck from Tiger, whose stroke is unparalleled. Chris Pleasure's rippled chest becomes the landing pad for plenty of penis projectiles in a wickedly sinful scene, and loves every minute of it. With plenty of flexible, dick sucking, cum licking, jizz tasting, ass munching, smooth and rough stroke moments, cum and enjoy this latest blockbuster from Pitbull Productions., Available at Thugmart., The Way You Like It is available as clips at FuckFlixx Netdixx Thugporn , Enjoy a preview of The Way You Like It Tiger Tyson, by clicking the photo at the right.

What The Reviewers Are Saying

... from Friskyboy, Frisky Fans,

Yeah...Suck that black dick...,

We love to recommend movies with black guys in it, as so many are completely worthless. Fortunately, The Way You Like It Tiger Tyson is a perfect oppurtunity to recommend. In the luxury of a Florida resort, horsehung playa-extrordinare Tiger Tyson gets nine of his friends together, and they appear to be having the best time screwing around.,

The first scene, which develops into an orgy, get the movie off immediately on strong footing. Tyson gets T-Malone and Lazarus up to his hotel room. Meanwhile hairy top Joel Velez and the bubble-butted Chris Pleasure get it on in the shower. Chris has exactly that: an Ass of Pleasure. The guys have a great time playing with it. Velez and another T. Malone screw him with his legs thrown way back on the sofa. The scene is so hot Tyson stands next to them and easily cums just by watching Pleasure get plowed.,

Tyson's gobs of thick cum land on Pleasure's legs, which stay there until the other guys all finish by shooting their own money shots. Velez busts the biggest nutt, flying across Pleasure's body and hitting his face.,

The next sequence, could be aptly called The Way Tiger Likes It. At one point, Devon Do-More and Jadend lay on their tummies side-to-side, exposing their smooth butts. Their lovely asses entice Tyson's erect cock to slide on in. Tyson lubes them both up, and alternates his cock-plunging back and forth between the two. Just the way you like it.

Tyson squirts out his Rican cream all over Lazarus's smooth black skin, which Jadend rubs in. Then with the top out of the picture, what are two bottom to do? The screw each other, and finish by jacking out their own loads.

In the next scene, Tyson works his friend Alex Cruz, pursuading him to open up for him. Tyson swears that he'll be gentile, particularly since it's been a long time since he's hit an ass. They do it, and have so much fun it easily rubs off on the viewer. Cruz appears to love giving it up to his friend: ass raised high, head rolling down on the pillow. As always, Tyson always gets his boypussy. After screwing him in over four different positions, he shoots a big load of hot love onto the bottom's lower back. The final scene shows Tyson hitting it on the top of a pool table. He easily coaxes the cute blatino El out of his clothes, and opens up his round ass. Tyson hammers him in long in-and-out strokes before suddenly pulling out, tearing off the condom and spraying his juice. Watching hot a hot movie like this, starring Tiger Tyson and his friends is just the way we like it.

... from Oliver Penn at Radvideo, No question about it, Tiger Tyson has "it" The Way You Like., His winning personality enhances his stunning looks and makes him irresistible to all who encounter him. This is sort of a reality-type sex movie, with the hand-held cam creating a "live" feel, which magnifies TigerTyson's astonishing mystique.

The Way You Like It is probably the film that Tiger Tyson has always wanted to make. As far as I can gather, he is strictly a top and has a soft spot for more effeminate males as sex partners. This cast includes several androgynous types that you'd never find in mainstream productions. With a wicked smile and devilish glint in his eye, Tyson refers to their holes as "boypussy." There is no plot, per se. Tiger has arrived in town (probably Florida) and mingles with other guests at his luxury hotel. Several men are invited up to Tyson's suite where the action gets underway. While T-Malone and Lazarus heat things up in the living room, sexy and hirsute Joel Velez is joined in the shower by fabulously built, Chris Pleasure (wearing a feminine do rag). Instinctively, they start whoring. Joel immediately grabs a handful of ass and treats Chris like the slut he knows him to be - first feeding him his furry dick and then fingering CP's pussy-like anus (Tiger watches while pulling on his huge rod). There are several brief scenes in the interim, but I will not describe them. I will tell you about Tiger, who fucks two queens in succession. After they thoroughly suck TT's hairy dick, he lubes both butts and roughly screws Lazarus and then Jadend.

One of the highlights occurs when Tiger has an intimate, yet fun tryst with adorable Alex Cruz in the bedroom. Tyson's allure sizzles as he seduces equally arresting Alex in a sexy and suspenseful pas de deux. Alex is so captivated by Tyson, he literally allows himself to be charmed out of his jockstrap. The pure-thug sex talk has them using the "n" word freely (as a brotherly term of endearment) resulting in Tiger fucking the holy shit out of Cruz. With an orgy of bodies writhing in the living room, Chris Pleasure throws his legs in the air for a rough drilling from Velez. His hole is so relaxed, that it seems impossible for Joel to cum. Even Lazarus attempts a try at that ass -- afterwards -- he, T-Malone and Tiger shoot spunk all over CP's body. Joel, struggling to cum, desperately shoves four fingers deep inside Chris' loose pussy to enhance his goal. When CP protests the digital invasion, Tiger sternly warns him to "shut the fuck up -- you know you can take it!" Velez's climax is huge! Streams of ball gravy erupt from his cock - the second spurt, smacking CP right in the kisser. This should be a big seller, despite the "fluffy boy" types. There are enough really hot MEN here to offset any fears. Velez, Malone, Cruz and, of course, Tiger had me in goose bumps for days!

... from Robert Patrick at GAYVN, In The Way You Like It Tiger Tyson, there is a believable, funky fiveway is the centerpiece of this good-humored, good-looking black feature set in a hotel. After a duo in a shower (observed by Tiger Tyson) we cut to a blowjob on a sofa that attracts Tyson and two other dudes for the fiveway by a big mirror that makes it look like a tenway. Tyson grabs the butt of a fucker and pumps him in and out of a fuckee, then does the same thing with the heads of two suckers. A bottom bends back so far he can blow himself while getting finger-fucked. Next, Tyson and another top host two gents whom they happily use as mouths and holes. Then Tyson trades BJs with lanky Alex Cruz, and fucks him ferociously with lots of friendly laughter. Finally, Tyson plays a game of strip-pool with a punk whose butt-hole he opens for fucking with a lollipop (which Tyson then sucks).

... from Adam at Adammale, Blatino buck Tiger Tyson has rallied his hottest, hung-est friends for a hotel orgy, and YOU can have a front row seat! Tiger instigates a sweat-soaked train where five ... ... from Trever in Florida

5 out of 5 stars 5 stars oh mannn! Man Tiger Tyson is just fine as hell and T Malone with a jiggly fatt ass! The fuck scene was good but in the part of the movie i wish they had better looking models but other than that it was good because of T Malone and Tiger Tyson !! ... from Terry G., My Gosh! Rest assured,that this is a Full Quality Tiger Tyson Production!! There are so many Stars, some unknown, but ALL very Sexy, Men, Black, Blatino, just adorable guys, some have the blown out-blown back, windswept hairstyles, that are current today, among Black Guyz, and they are All Just So Sexy, Man!! It is amazing!!! Man! Black Superstar T.Malone is right in among the first scene, along with Mansurf Models Chris Pleasure, and Lazarus ... And Man!! Tiger!!!... He Just rocks thru this Whole Movie!! Tiger is at His Ultimate Very Best!! Everyone has gotta get this movie!! Tiger is in Several Scenes, and it Is ELECTRIC!!! Man!! ... This is the Movie, that DESERVES every PENNY of Your Money!!! EXCELLENT PRODUCTION!!! ... I was beginning to think that movies like this ... were almost non-existent,for a brand new Production!!! Damn It!! Fans ... It ROCKS with Sexual EXCITEMENT!!! Tiger and Everyone in this movie are so Damn Exciting!!.. It Cooks with Sexual Pleasure!! It is Amazing!!!

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