Love Of The Dick 4 (2006), , Length: 1 hr. 40 mins, from Pitbull Productions, Directed by Jalin Fuentes, Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thug porn DVD, Language: English ,

Supreme aka Castro, Bebe, Jermaine, CJ, Lil Nut, Carmello, Thugzilla, Redd, Jay Untouchable

Synopsis: It's dirty work but someone has to do it! Supreme works the phone, and pounds the pavement (and all willing bottoms), looking for a legit job to pay off all his bling in the 4th installment of the best-selling "Love of the Dick" series. Supreme flips through his friend Joshua's bartender manual trying to memorize all of the cocktails. Joshua teaches Supreme that a 'Blow Job' shot involves more than vodka and whipped cream. Bartending doesn't pay the bills, so Supreme cooks up a new job as a chef. Homie Kidd Kaj discovers that Supreme's 'Sausage Stuffer' is the most popular dish on the menu! Supreme next finds a job as an artist's model. When Tyriek discovers 10 1/2" rock hard inches inside Supreme's jeans, he offers his virgin ass for a nasty thug fuck on the Down Low! Supreme's done job hunting. It's time to get some of the dirty dawg sex he's famous for. He heads to Ray's crib, turns the caramel bottom upside down and gives him one of the most explosive fucks ever. Bonus Scene: Double R chows down on chicken wings and talks trash with Tre Xavier. They challenge each other to see who has the bigger dick. Double R wins and stuffs inch after inch into Tre Xavier's tight hole. Available on DVD at Thugmart, , Available as clips at FuckFlixx Netdixx Thugporn

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