Pain in da Azz
Lil Nellie: Pain In Da Azz (2007) , from Pitbull Productions, Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thug porn DVD,

Featuring Thug Porn Starz Lil Nellie, Darvin, Kavin Sincer, Egypt, Casanova Blue, KB, Joey, and Titan

Darvin and Lil Nellie are chilling in the crib killing time before they go out cruising. Darvin needs to take a shower to freshen up. No problem, especially when Lil Nellie needs to take a piss. Lil Nellie knows that as soon as Darvin sees his huge cock, heíll want to blow him! The sucky suck in the bathroom leads to ass eating in the bedroom which in turn leads to a full out, hot and nasty fuck. Lil Nellie knows how to use every inch of his big dick to plug Darvinís juicy azz. Exclusively At