Tiger Tyson Strikes Back Tiger Tyson Strikes Back (2006), from Pitbull Productions, See also listing at Imdb.com, Length: 1 hrs. 40 mins, Directed by Jalin Fuentes. Click for free Strikes Back clips

Featuring Thugporn stars, Tiger Tyson, Supreme (aka Castro), Gangstas Angel, Pinky, Peanut, Bandit, T, Marshawn

Synopsis Tiger Tyson fills this video with mad fetishes of fucking, starring Tyson at his best, living up to his name the King of his Jungle, with no games in this film. Straight to the point of face fucking, ass pounding and candy licking (Baby) entire bodies until they bust. This Pitbull Productions includes Tiger Tyson's cape crusader, Jeremy Blast 10.5 inches abnormal large cock knocking the boots off Shawty Black, also The Dicksman who has the key that fits Skyy's clouds of heaven and so many others from the thugporns of Thugmart.com!

What The Reviewers Are Saying

... GayVN
Review: There's a reason Pitbull Productions Tiger Tyson is such a success: His attitude and cock take charge of every scene he is in, and his two scenes here are the strongest of the five. After waking up Shawty Black, Tiger Tyson gives him a nice pounding. The best shots come as Black sits on him at the end, with Tiger Tyson getting a nice fast rhythm going as his groin smacks against Black's ass. Tiger Tyson then grabs onto Baby's hair as he fucks him from behind in the third scene. But when Tyson is off screen, the energy falters. Few of the performers have much to say, while most of the bottoms are silent as they get fucked, with little interaction or chemistry in each pairing. There's also some lengthy jacking to get to the money shots in some scenes, many of which only have one squirt.

And a few soft-ons also hurt the fun, although The Rock has a killer boner in the final scene. Seven-minutes-long "A Day in the Life of Tiger Tyson" plays after the five scenes, with Tyson talking to the camera as he opens his toaster oven and microwave, and drives to the post office-a mostly boring look behind the scenes.

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