Da Hating Game (2007)
from Pitbull Productions, Length: 2 hours 10 minutes, Directed by Jalin Fuentes, Genre: Blatino, Gay Man, Thug porn DVD, Language: English

Lex Laziruzz, Ace, Antonie, Cass, Element, JT, Juulz, Marcus, Mike


Yes fans, red-hot Lex Laziruzz is back! Wait till you see him power fuck Puerto Rican hottie JT to a wild, sweaty climax. No wonder Lex inspires thugz to put da hating on him. Deep in the ghetto Antoine and lover Mike fool around with their ps2 until Mike pulls out Antoine's dick and freaks it thug style. They move on to some great fuck positions, with lots of real thug passion, kissing and sucking.

In a New York subway JT and ACE cross paths and before you know it JT undresses Ace, kissing and sucking his dick and humming on his balls. JT then grants Ace access to his chewy foreskin and 9-inch dick. You'll never guess who fucks who!

Blatino stud Element and dark brotha Marcus are totally into rimming and sucking before Marcus slams his thick meat into Element. You be the judge of who yells loudest! Juulz dreams up Cass who can't stop sucking his dick. This is Cass' first time getting fucked and he takes dick like a pro. Their sexy mirror fuck is a must see!
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