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Tiger Tyson, doubley rewarded for Induction into Porn Hall of Fame and 2008 Best Ethnic Theme Video, Tiger Tyson's Eiffel Tower.

Travel from New York to Paris, France with Tiger Tyson while he films his first International adult movie. This special two-disc Collectors Edition is filled with unforgettable men in an unbelievable city having awesome sex! Tiger is at the top of his game, eager to sample the boyz from the country that invented the French kiss!

Join Tiger as his French sex diary unfolds. Out and about in the City of Lights, Tiger loses his way while trying to find the Eiffel tower. Fortunately, he is helped by famous French underwear model Jordan, who gives him a map and also offers to spend some quality time with Tigers famous cock! The attraction between these two gorgeous hunks is obvious and it doesnt take long for Tiger to bring Jordon to his knees, where he worships the Tigers turgid tool before giving up his succulent French booty.

Tigers days in France are filled with amazing experiences and he takes you behind-the-scenes so you can enjoy them with him. Watch Tiger get a hard-on for his photo shoot and interview with the hottest magazine in Paris, Tetu. Youll laugh along with Tiger when he visits a typical French sex store. Wait till you see the unique sex toys these French boyz play with, they are awesome! Tiger then poses for world-famous photographers Pierre and Gilles. Their unique erotic art has been published in hardcover coffee table books sold all over the world, and their photographs are seen in many museum exhibitions. Who knows, you may see the photo they are creating of Tiger as St. Sebastian in a museum near you one day! Everywhere Tiger goes, he is greeted like the star he is. The French love him!

Night falls and its almost time for Tigers stage show at the famous gay club Follies Pigalle. Check out the action in Tigers dressing room before the star hits the stage to wild applause from hundreds of horny French boyz.While Tiger struts his stuff, our candid camera finds Remy 10 inches and Kilian having a wild, loud, dirty fuck session in the clubs mens room. French nasty sex at its finest and as an added bonus, youve never seen these boyz in the US before! This is a real and uncensored look at Paris gay underground – the steamy, no-holes barred sex and the wild uninhibited hook ups!

While Tiger works the crowd, he finds he cant stop thinking about Jordan. He wants another go at the hot black bottom. To add spice to their next encounter, Tiger recruits one of the horniest bottoms hes ever met. Kilian is invited to join Tiger and Jordan for a jizz-spewing threesome in front of a roaring fire in one of Paris most beautiful apartments. Tiger, eager to show you the other side of France, practically reinvents the ménage a trios.

What do tuff French boyz do during the day? Why, work out at hot and sweaty sports clubs, of course. Wait till you see Jules, his bulging muscles covered in awesome tattoos. Jules give you one of the hottest workouts youve ever seen and he does it nude, of course!

Still on the prowl for more hot sex, Tiger hooks up with Mehdi (10 inches) and pounds this passionate bottom into total submission. Mehdis cries of pleasure ring out across the rooftops of Paris. Tigers nights are filled with red-hot French men.