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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tiger's Eiffel Tower: Paris Is Mine

Pitbull Productions/Marina Pacific. D. Tiger Tyson and Jean Claude Heriot. Tiger Tyson, Jordan, Kilian, Remy, Mehdi, Jules, Samy, Cyann. 142 Min.
DVD Extras" Behind the Scenes, Bonus Footage, Interviews, Still Galleries, Trailers.
"Pitbull Productions, baby! Doin' it big!" smiles Tiger Tyson to the camera as he arrives in Paris for this five-scene vacation that pairs the New York superstar with Frenchmen. Tyson shines in his two scenes and introduces the others. His cock has never looked bigger and hotter: Tyson fucks Jordan's holes before a threesome with Jordan and Kilian. There's also a nightclub due (Remy and Kilian) who get it on in bathrooms; a scene with Jules and Sammy, who start with lengthy oral work; and Jordan returning to fuck Cyann. A wealth of extra - including a bonus scene, two Tyson interviews, and a nine-minute tour of Tyson roaming the city - round out this handsome two-disc package. Pre-nom Best Ethnic-Themed Video and Best DVD extras.
Retailing: Tyson's name a wealth of extras will get attention.
Brady Johnson

Tiger Tyson's Eiffel Tower
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