Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tiger Tyson

next week check out for 8 new DVDs that are off da chain, XXX, hottest and best ever, all new models, hung tops, juicy bottoms,lots of cum and lots of suckin. also no for the demand of the fans alot more kissing.
i just want to make sure that all my fans remain happy and pleased so make sure you check out our new model line up its gonna make you drop to your knees and have you beggin please fill my hole these new models are down rigt water drippin thirst quenchin bonafied thugs that give you massive poundage for your buck and i had to try a couple of them first so im telling you check out next weeks line up on and youll see what im talken bout.

also i wanted to thank my dudes camron and dillion for helpin me make last week a sucsess cant wait till decmber boyz
also im workin on this contest for all my fans so keep checkin out whats it gonna be about and go to for more info
also wanted to thank the fan who came in to town to visit the city and wound up running in to me on the street lucky him he was so nice we had to go for drinks found out he was from la and was at the expo and decided to come to ny for his first time cause he like what we were about when we were at the expo he went on to telliing me how much he loved our booth and we had one of the best booths at the expo with sexy lookiin models and tons of product and well put together any how long story short i had to show him the town and at the nd of the evnin we fucked in the limo for a good 45 min i mean it was nutz i was out the sun roof he was giving me had and i was sipping on the krzzy then i just had to bang him out it was perfect lol any how thank you mr lucky fan see soon when u in ny AGAIN lmao
lololololol peace