Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tiger Tyson

whats good every body just had to write about yesterday events was out and about just enjoying the day another great scean got shot yesterday so deffintly look foward to this one it will be another to be talked bout also was chillin with some friends yesterday and of course it turned out in to a freaknic started off at the bar but then got to bored there the we left to one of my friends crib where it was like 7 of us just burnin and drinkin it down thanks to penny for doin the bar, but all i have to say when i talk bout great sex this was one of those nites any how we all had alot of fun to bad for tonys ass i know hes still sore lmao any how oh lmao also and to the ass who thaught he can suck dick :ya cant your teeth are to big: lmao any how im out holla at ya lata lol lol