Thursday, February 15, 2007

whats really hood my peoples hopefully all is good and everyone is healthy as for me im doing great weather sucks though ny sometimes gets to me cause of the cold i think im gonna move somewhere its warm all year around somewhere it never snows just beach sun and smoke lmao any way had the only party last nite it was for an elite few some of the most famous porn stars showed up got there groove on at my private location it was all you can drink and fuck affair that lasted late into the wee hours of the morning rise i havent slept yet just decided i tell you all bout it it started with a red theme everyone and everything in red then as the nite went on it turn into a white theme party by everyone having on white boxers and thongs and only white lited candels and a very dim setting it was nutz had a short show with drag queen act everyone loved it thanks peaches you made everyone laugh then gave out some free videos to eager fans and off we all went it was like one started then the next then the next it was like the only freaknic last nite it was my greatest party yet wish everyone could have been there.