Friday, February 02, 2007

whats really good everyone hope every one is well and in good health as for me im doing just great buisness is really boomin for me and the company im happy to see the fan bass grow larger bigger and more abroad i think its really freagan cool that i can click with so many people well any who here is what i have been up too.

i just recently got a new baby lol its a baby boy red nose pit all white i have givin him the name bizkit or biz for short i guess cause hes allways on the move constantly busy and hes got a huge noggin lol but thats a pit for ya also i have a cat his name is lucky cause found him in the street as a lil baby so named him lucky now its kinda funny watchin him cause hes been the only four legged in the house so now its him and biz and lucky has beed sort of enthused about havein someone other then him like him well sort of well there are both white so there you go lol .
oh oh also to the guy who replied bout his parrot i feel you on how loud they can be i had a parrot too and omg i wanted to chuckem out the window he was so damn loud and no matter what i did he just wouldnt shut up so i figured ok let me get him some ass and go and buy a hoe and the both started squakin it was nutz i thought at one point i was gonna chuck my self out the window lolz nah but finally i found some nice old lady to take em both lmao lmao lol cruel huh lol dunno she was lonely any way .
but i do like parrots just not as pets. oh and he was a quaker i think thats how you spell it .
also i think im gonna look into doin a video over in london did paris so figured hey why not keep goin well im gonna talk it over with the board lets see london tiger might be coming to do big ben lolz ok imma get back to work now be back lata kisses every one