Thursday, November 02, 2006

well well well i had to post this one fan member wrote 'TIGER WHY DONT YOU DO A FILM WITH YOU AND VIPER FUCKING EACH OTHER" well here is his answer why dont you let me and viper fuck you both then tell me if we should do each other.

NOW FOR ONE LAST TIME I DO NOT GET FUCKED BOTTOM OR LET ANY ONE ENTER THAT PREMESIS CAUSE THATS MY EXIT PREMESIS END OF STORY. NO PUN INTENDED! its not me and will never happen sorry fans that one is a dreamer! also to the fan who asked bout my sexuallty outside of porn none of your ***damn buisness beyatch! lmao lol lol wouldnt you like too know ha ha ha ha ha haahhaahahahahaahh ha ha anyway back to buis.

steel curtin is now out go get em boys it was fun maken that one and i wanna thank each and every fan who is a fan and please please tell your friends who is haten dont be mad cause you not me i do what i do cause g**blessed me to make your friends happy and give you something to talkabout at watercooler time lmao lol lol lol lol oh how do i know that one lol cause i catch my employees durin watercooler break lmao lmao lamo lololol ol anywho THANK YOU TO THE FAN THAT SUGGESTED I GIVE A PIECE OF MY MIND LMAO LOL IT WAS FUN AND VENTFUL LMAO THANKS