Friday, March 23, 2007

How we doin my peoples whats crackin' hope all is well and everyone is doin good. As for me im doin great couldnt be better im glad to see so many different responses from all over damn i guess ive put a smile on alot of peoples faces throughout the world now thats whats up but i want you all too know this is why i remained in the buis for you all of you's lol.

"I feel threw my videos i represent alot of you, who like that down right hard beat me from the south, slap some gravy on me stuff the balls in my face bend me akward and slam that thick juicey massive pulsing throbbing pole down my hole or fuck it what ever hole you choose lmfao lol do you feel me or what"

But on the real im glad so many of you get some kinda enjoyment from my videos and ill continue to keep makein them diffrent better wetter what ever that gets you poppin on and crunk, me and my team pit bull productions we aint stopn we never gonna stop to we on top get it threw you lil meat head foo lol oh hope everyone has got there new dvd tigers 2 disc tiger s eiffle tower paris is mine. check my site for more details.