Tuesday, June 13, 2006

whats really good every one its been a hell of a week pr parade afterpartys its been a none stop party for me the last 3 days i havent really slept on friday went to some club in mount vernon it was off the hook deffintly alot of hot women and men the music was good im deffintly goin back
on saterday went to the festival and holy shit it was nuts it was ass cheek to ass cheeek you can imagine i was happy so many of my lovely people also i deffintly ate alot shit i think i had one of everything i know my lil girl had a great time painted her face with the flag had her dressed up in a pr flag dress lookin real pretty.
sunday went to the parade with her didnt leave till like 330 had a great titme there to but had to come back to the hood so we can get our paradeing on over here in the hood which is the greatest its like receving 2 parades and what i love bout it so much is that if you got a hot whip this day is deffintly the day to bring it out and show it off there so much ass out your bound to have a piece of ass come flyin at your window lmao lol any how its been a great weekend i hope everyone else had as much fun as i did