Tuesday, November 14, 2006

u ever wanted something so much so bad that it hurts i mean literally hurts u ever miss something for so long it still hits you in your sleep. u ever love something so much so hard that it broke. why!!!!!! u ever hate something so bad you wanted to pop.
u ever just want to run at top speed through the leaves in fall in a park on a brisk day full of color full of light. u ever want to sing cause everthign else seemed in place. u ever wanted someone you loved but lost but now you want it back. why??? u ever look up at the stars and pick one out that you want to be. do u ever wish you had wishes. you ever wanted to just do something just cause. u ever wanted to fly so high so low so free so open just soaring threw the air hair justa blowin in the wind arms spread so far so free. u ever wanted to drive so fast you just catch fire cause you going mach 1 hair justa blazin lmao lol lol lol hold on cause ur in my world now lol lol u ever just wanted !!!!!!!