Monday, October 01, 2007

holy shit what a weekend im drained.. this weekend i party like it was my last day on earth must of ran through 9 excellent bodys and was still wanting more i dont know if i just love sex for sex or do i love it for just haveing it with so many different people dunno this one is a tuff one.

its like you get your lover and all but cant stay faithful why is this you ever wonder why we as man cant keep our dicks just for one person well me i know i just love being with diffrent people so and its like the cute,er you are the greater the sex cause of all the want for haveing sex with such a cute person oh well what eva im talking shit.

oh oh i made the bomb linguini and clams last nite with some white wine yo omg shit had me stuff i think imma open a dam kitchen and sell spanish soul and itilain food and for dessert some hot dick lmao lmao lol any who eat up lol latas .