Wednesday, October 18, 2006

whats up every one well its been another hectic day at the office more moves getting done more models getting found. any how have an interesting story for my peoples last nite while going to dunkin donuts a fan had relized whom i was and it was really wierd that he knew who i was cause i had the cap on the shades on just dont know know how he figured me out any how so he ask for an autograph and i say sure so he begans ordering his donuts and orders a couple of boston creams and strawberry cream filled donuts so i say i love the strawberry ones and hes like yeah i love em too so im like cool something in common next he ask if i want to go back with him to chill have some donuts and get our smoke on so we go back to his crib where we indulge in theses great tasteing donuts but then i decide why not use them to so i tell em since you like the strawberry so much im gonna put some on ya and sure enough he drops his pants like a bad habit and i spin him around and put the strawberry filling all in his his boy was it fun getting it out lmao then he continued to use the boston cream while suckin on my dick it was nuts just lots of fuckin and lots of diffrent cream our lil adventure didnt end till wee hours in the am.any how ill get back atcha peace