Saturday, April 14, 2007

yo om god have i got a story for you last night i was invited to a warehouse rave party not to mention i have never been to a rave party before so i really didnt know what to expect so any how i go to this warehouse somewere in downtown bk arrive at the place and theres no line and i was like oh its gonna be dead in side but ha was i fooled i go threw these doors threw a very dark hallway to stop at an elevator
door 2 shiny doors in this all white room so i go down the elevator and i can now start to here music doors open up and i am greeted by 2 huge dudes wearing togas any how the 2 escort me to a room wear i am to change into a toga my self any how i get done lock my stuff away in a locker they provided then leave out the room threw another door and into the party room now this room is freegan huge i mean you can put at least 2 jets in this fucken place any way so im lookin and theres just massive amounts of people something like an auto show or a flea market thats how many people it was nuts so any way im looking around looking and something catches my eye like whoa theres 2 people off to the right of me just fucken in clear i was like okaaanext im still looken and i notice just about every one is doing some kind of drug and sucken and fucken and licken it was like the biggest orgy ive ever seen any how to the good stuff it was about 3 or 4 am and i am fucked up too the max i see double everything any how i go to the bathroom to pray to the toilet bowl gods and some how slip fall bust my ass loose the sandel i had on my right foot and up helps me this freaken sex god i mean he was fucken gorjeus blue eyes taned tall bald head hes was sexy i had to admit any who as hes helping me im holding his dick kid you not and it was omg huge lol any way im on my feet and then he grabs my dick and hes lick i love this dick ive seen it for so long and could never touch it to know im like okay yeah im bout to fuck the shit outta this guy so he takes it puts it in his mouth and the rest is history i fuckem down right there in the bathroom people justa coming and going some stop to watch some ask to join in but he didnt want no one in so i was like fuck what ever lol stingy me lol then i nut and all and i notice my toe just a hurtin alil more then it should and i guess as i fell i bust my big toe it was bleeding and all and i didnt even notice lol its all good but i woke up this mornin so sore black and bruised lol it was a ruff but fun crazy nite.