Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tiger Tyson

whasa matter u lmao what up every one just 2 more weeks till the expo and oh my god the response is off the chain i cna deffintly tell you its gonna be wall to wall of porn stars and fans so if you havent got your tickets yet what are you waitng for.

also was at the studio yesterday watchin one of the shoots and when i tell you that for the first time i was turned on i kidd you not by watchin finally someone else not to mention it was funny to see one of the newest models getting bang out but while getting laid in to it seemed he couldnt take the dick so well and wind up fallin head first to the floor with the other model still stuck in his ass now that was some hilarous shit also i was thinkin maybe i should do a contest were some lucky joe can come down and watch me in action sit in on a film set and get fist glance let me know what you think if i should do it or not also in november 2006 a another line of videos is comeing out never seen before hot nut so make sure you hit my store up for all the new releases. plus i was thinking bout opening up a tiger tyson porn store here in newyork maybe on christopher st if you think i should give me your opinion on this matter ok

peace my peeps holla at ya boy