Wednesday, May 17, 2006
what up every one its your boy just finished shootin another video i just cant stop nuttin for my fans lmao any all went well this new bottom i got was a virgen and i got to brake him wide open lol

yesterday was in speed world checkin out the new billit grills for my car oh man i cant wait to put it on lookin foward to my next car show.

also i need a new reciepe for roast beef any ideas.

last nite was in the best 3some ever with this chic n her brother who lives down the block from me n omg was it off the hook got to fuckem both while in the same room it was just nutz i was still inshock this mornin when i woke up. i didnt think it was goin to go down till the dude sis said give him some head and i was like oh shit and then it went from there.

what i did today

sup every one its late just got in from the studio it was deffintlyoff the chain today alot of new scenes were shot today and still more tomorrow so its been the last couple of days around the office,

had a big lunch too some collard greens baked macaroni and cheese rice and peas and baked chicken from no other than my very own kitchen where it gets buzy alot any how im tired, will put up more soon.

what up

Tiger Tyson

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