Friday, January 19, 2007

whats really hood my peoples hope everyone is good and not backed up
me im doing well life couldnt be better ive been eating alot lately actully i wanna put on like 10 or 15 pounds ive never been able to get fat dunno i guess i have a fast metabolisim i think i spelled it right lol and if i didnt im sure ill here bout it any who i havent been in to the club scean latly i guess i did it so much when i first started im allmost sick of clubs naaaaaaaaaa how can i say that thats where all the crazy shit happens at not to mention where you get drunk at and meet the one your fucken that night lol if it dosent start at the club firts i remember my first time doin it in the club it was fun exciteing we had the lil corner all to our selfs as though thats how it seemed at the time but we were pretty much packed in and every body was allready intertwined so it worked out well in our favor but it was perfect she had a skirt on we were dancing reggea and remeber the song by nina sky well that was playin and we were slow wineing and next thing you know she pulls out the dick out puts it in and know one notices a thing she had her back to me so it was perfect we just kept grinding it was nutz no doubt ahhhhh memorys i love em dont you as a good friend says to me all the time "the good ol days ah" any who

any who back to buisness ive been working on that lil thing for all the fans and dunno but you might get what you want make sure you keep checking out my site for updates on the new and up comeing movies or more info on tiger and double r ok peace for now get at you lata 100